There are a few key strategies that you as a network marketer need to know. In my 8 year network marketing career, I have been an expert at failure most of the time. I am learning daily what it takes to succeed. These tips and techniques are what have been getting me more views and more leads coming in every single day and growing my business. Whether you are new to network marketing or a seasoned network marketer, these are a few ways that may be helpful to really get your business off the ground and moving in a more profitable direction.

The first 5 tips are on how to grow your following and get leads on Facebook.

  1. Clean up your profile. This seems very simple and it is, but so many network marketers miss the mark here. If you scroll down your news-feed on Facebook, you will see sales pitch after sales pitch. However, if you look at the successful people’s pages, you will see value and helpful content. That’s because they learned the secret. You have to not only build curiosity but you have to give value. That is not your product or service. It may be valuable to you, but just seems salesy and desperate to the people in your friend’s list. Now, this does not just pertain to Facebook. You also need to clean up your Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and wherever else you are social online. Do this and watch people get curious about you and start asking you questions.
  2. Content. Once your profile is cleaned up, you have to provide valuable content that is helpful to your users. This may seem like a no-brainer, but so many network marketers are spamming all over the place. What they think is valuable is really spam. For example, if you are in health and wellness, don’t be posting your shake or supplement all over your social media. Instead, think about what you would find useful, perhaps a post on 3 tips on how to meal prep or meal plan for the week. Since it is so close to the first of the year, maybe you could do a post about 3 ways to eat healthier in the new year. Just remember that it needs to be helpful, not salesy.
  3. Follow people on FB. Don’t friend request strangers. This is huge! I am getting friend requests daily because of this new trick I learned. Find the people in your niche who are crushing it every day. Then find the people who are liking and commenting on their posts. I repeat, do not friend request them! What you can do is follow them (if they have their profile set to allow followers). However, don’t just follow all of them. Take a quick look at their profile and see if maybe they have similar interests in the same niche as you. Guess what happens when you follow someone? They get a notification saying so and so followed you. Do you know what that does? It makes them curious and they will likely go to your profile and check you out. Many times they will friend request you. Do you know why? Because you made them feel special by following them instead of friend requesting, which automatically puts someone on defense thinking a stranger has motives to sell them something. This works, try it.
  4. Use Facebook Messenger to build rapport. When you get a new friend on FB, send a quick message. Do NOT mention your business. Review their profile briefly and then ask questions. A good place to start would be something like “hey thanks for friend requesting me. I see you just got back from the beach. It looks like you had a great time. I love the beach. Do you go often?” or maybe say something like “Hey thanks for the friend request. I noticed in your profile that you have 2 boys and you homeschool, I am a mom of 3 and homeschool my youngest as well. How long have you been homeschooling?” Just something to build rapport, not make a sale. Just be a human being talking to another human being. One thing about people is they will divulge their need if you keep asking questions. You have to find their need before you can fill it. Don’t assume that you know what their need is, always ask questions. Here is a great FREE training on how to recruit more business builders using FB Messenger.
  5. Post in Spam Groups. If you have been in network marketing any amount of time, you have seen the Facebook MLM and Network Marketing groups. Most are full of garbage with people posting things about making $500 your first day or $10,000 your first month with no upfront money. These are garbage and totally false advertising. You will also see people in reputable MLM’s such as Mary Kay, Avon, Younique, Beachbody, etc. spamming their opportunity all over these groups, trying their best to convince you to join. Now, you may be asking why in the world I would tell you to post in spam groups. Because, you can add value in these groups. You can stand out. When everyone else is posting crap, you can post value. Stand out from the crowd. Maybe share a recent blog post you did that has value, or maybe tell your story (without divulging your company name) and what network marketing has done for you. Stories sell. Get people curious and they will come to check out your profile. Never post links in these groups. It takes all the curiosity away. Get them to comment for more info or message you for more info.

Now on to Twitter. Twitter can be a valuable place to get leads for your network marketing business as well. Here are 4 ways to effectively market on Twitter.

  1. Follow people that follow people in your niche. OK, so Twitter is very much about reciprocity. That means if you follow them, many times they will follow you back. Find people in your niche who have a lot of followers and are respected leaders in their arena. Go through those followers and find the ones who seem like a good fit and follow them. Many will follow you back.
  2. Use a service called There is a free and paid version. The free version is limited but still useful. There are videos on the site that teach you how to use Manage Flitter, but basically it is a service that helps you know who isn’t following you back, and who is following you. There are limits on Twitter as to how many friends you can follow. It’s no more than 1000 a day and no more than 5000 total. However, once you get 5000 followers, you can start following up to 10% more than are following you. So what do you do when you reach your maximum of how many you are following? You use Manage Flitter to see how many of the people you follow are not following you back. And then simply start unfollowing so that you can begin following new people.
  3. Use Zapier is a cool service for sending out tweets and much more. But for this post, I will just use the example of sending tweets. So basically there is an option in Zapier to send a tweet and tag the person in the tweet when they follow you. So if you set this up in Zapier, every time you get a new follow, a new tweet will automatically go out and tag your new follower. You can customize this message to say whatever you want, but you need to make it valuable or you will get unfollowed. So perhaps offer an article you wrote or perhaps a link to a blog post you wrote that pertains to the niche they are in. You could also write an ebook (You can learn how to do that here.) and give them a free copy as a gift for following you. Whatever you choose to say, just make sure it is of value and not spammy.
  4. Tweet 5-7 times a day and use a picture. Twitter is very much a text site, so adding a picture will make you stand out a little more. Post things such as inspirational quotes with a picture, maybe a blog post you just created. You can also use a service called to automate your posts. And the most important thing, make it valuable content. The marketplace pays for value and the people know if you are just trying to sell them. . Click here for a  free training that goes into greater detail about marketing effectively on Twitter.

I hope that was helpful to someone. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook by clicking either. If you have a network marketing business, great! Stay there and use the training on this website to help you grow it. If you do not currently have a network marketing business but are looking for one to get started with, I would be honored to share mine with you and schedule a call to determine if you have the qualities of the kind of person I am looking for. Just go HERE and fill out the contact form and in the comments put “schedule call” and I will contact you within 48 hours.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Builder


I know exactly how you feel. I have been there more times than I want to admit. I have quit multiple businesses over the years because it got hard, it wasn’t working fast enough, and I felt alone much of the time with not much support from upline. If this is you, I am asking you not to quit.

I understand the frustrations, the fears, the doubt and the pain of working so hard and getting little to no results. I know that feeling well. I went through the growing pains of blaming my upline for not helping me enough. I blamed it on over-saturation, saying that the market was too full of whatever product or service I was selling at the time. I blamed it on my personality by saying I am just not a salesperson, I am not a people person, and I am not good with this kind of thing.

Over and over I was killing my own business with my own negativity and excuses. I was letting myself knock me out of my dreams and my family’s future. The answer friends, was me. I was the issue. I was the problem. Nothing else. Not the business, or the product or service. It was not my upline’s fault. I was simply unteachable and uncoachable. Is that you? If you are saying things like “I really don’t have the support I need” or “I’m just not good at this” then you aren’t getting what I am saying.

You have to get out of your own way if you want to succeed in business. You have to be willing to humble yourself, take responsibility for your own success, stop the blame game, and start learning new skills.

Lack of skill and my mindset was the problem. It wasn’t any of the previous businesses I have been in. It wasn’t my product, service or my upline. It was me and me alone. And until you get that, I mean really get it, success will continue to elude you.

3 Tips for getting over yourself and finally moving forward toward success:

  1. Research the ones who are crushing it and follow their lead. Discover what they are doing that works and repeat it. There is nothing new under the sun, friends. You reap what you sow. You attract who you are. Start becoming the person you would want to follow. Until you figure out who that is, follow in the footsteps of others and learn from them.
  2. Be consistent. You have to do the work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You cannot take weeks or months off from your business and expect it to grow. You cannot only work when you feel like it. You cannot depend on motivation to keep you going. You have to commit to being consistent. Make a list every morning of 3 things you need to do that day to move your business forward and do not go to bed until those 3 things have been completed. And never quit. If there are others in the same business making multiple 6 figures, then that is proof it can be done. Stay the course.
  3. Have enough people to talk to. Many people run through their warm market list and then just sit back and wait. Why are you waiting? Do you think people will just flock to you for no reason? It doesn’t work that way, but there are skills you can learn that will attract people to you if you follow directions and do it. Getting leads is not hard if you do it correctly, professionally, consistently, and without being spammy. Here is a great place to start generating leads the right way. Click me to learn how to get free leads online.  

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


Hey friends, have you been hearing all the excitement around attraction marketing lately and it’s got you curious?  But are you like me and overwhelmed with all the information that you don’t even know where to begin?

That was me for a long time. Longer than I care to admit. OK, like 10 years. I had heard about how great attraction marketing was and how people were getting hundred of leads per day and making a ton of money, but every time I read something about making a funnel, or writing copy, or learning a new system, I cringed. It was very confusing to say the least and I thought I had to be ‘techy’ to do attraction marketing.

Did you know that even our grandmas are on Facebook these days? Some are even on Twitter and Instagram. You have to go where the people are if you want people to know about your business and become a customer or promoter. Do you know what that means? You need to be on these sites drawing in customers. Do you know how you draw in customers? Attraction Marketing.

Want to know a secret? After years of staying away because I thought it would be too hard, I decided to give it one shot. And do you know what happened? I got 7 leads my second day! And then 28 my very first week! What?!? Crazy right. And did you know that I did it with a few easy, simple techniques that absolutely worked?

Would you like me to teach you how for f.r.e.e.? Yep, that’s what I am offering to you. It has really helped me and I want to pay it forward to you, completely f.r.e.e!

Next Monday, December 11th, 2017, I am doing a Year End 5 Day Lead Generation Challenge Group on Facebook. This will be specific training on how I was able to generate 28 leads in a week and continue to generate leads every day. This will only be open to the first 100 who sign up. This way I can keep it more personal and connect with each of you individually at some point during the week. We will determine problem areas, work on growth, learn new techniques and then celebrate successes. To join our group go HERE.

I can’t wait to work alongside you and watch your business grow into 2018!

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


Posture is everything when it comes to success. If you back down, cower, and give in to other’s negativity, you will fail. Sorry if that makes you feel bad, but it’s the absolute truth. Posture is necessary to succeed in a home based business.

If you have been in network marketing for any significant amount of time, you likely have came across a few mean people. These are people who don’t believe in your dream, so they try to crush it. Or maybe they lost belief in their own dreams and they want everyone else to as well. Whatever the case, this is where your posture or lack of posture will determine the end result.

Most people fail because they give up. That’s usually the only reason they fail. It’s not because their company isn’t a good company, it’s not because the products aren’t good, or whatever. It has nothing to do with the company, product or service. It has everything to do with the person and whether or not they give up when the going gets tough, or they stick it out, learn new skills, and develop stronger posture. It’s your choice, friend. Only you can determine your success or failure in this world.

So first things first. To make a business work you have to work.

  1. Stay the course. Don’t give up and don’t quit. 97% of you will quit. Be the 3% that says what if, what if I stay consistent and keep doing the work anyway, even when it doesn’t seem to be working.
  2. Always be learning. You have to keep growing your skill set. The marketplace pays for value and skill. Learn something new every week and always be growing.
  3. Personal Development. This is huge. Every successful network marketer will tell you that they listen to personal development daily.
  4. Work on your posture daily.

Here are 4 steps to growing a stronger posture:

  1. When you get an objection, don’t defend yourself or your company. Defense will never get the sale. Instead ask questions. When a prospect says something like “I’m not into these MLM things”. Instead of going into how great they are and how so many people have made millions, yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, ask a question instead. A question such as “What do you mean by that?” or “Can you tell me more about why you feel that way?”. Never defend, always ask questions. It gets the prospect talking and it takes the pressure off of you and them.
  2. Maintain your power by controlling the conversation. Don’t let the conversation get out of hand. You need to keep the power. Again, the power is held by the person asking the questions. If this is in person, make eye contact and stand up straight. If you are one the phone, stand up to talk. It automatically improves your posture when you stand up.
  3. If you run into someone not interested, don’t try to convince them. Instead turn it around. Say something like “Well, I see this probably isn’t for you and that’s perfectly OK, but do you know anyone who would be interested in making a few hundred dollars from home their first 60 days?” Ask for the referral if they are not interested in hearing what you have to say. However, changing the conversation to where you are no longer trying to sell them, may actually make them curious and draw them back to you.
  4. Don’t go into the conversation expecting an immediate sale. It takes most people more than one exposure to sign up for anything. Network Marketing is about building relationships. All of the top earners built their business on relationships. Don’t approach someone with the sale in mind. Be sincere. People can tell when you are trying to sell them on something. Stop trying to sell and start sharing.

Sometimes you have to put posture on like you do your pants in the morning. You have to make a decision that you will not crack under pressure and you will not cower under the fear. Be prepared. Preparation is the key to success. 

If you want to dig deeper into mindset training and how to maintain a stronger posture to make more sales, this is a great training series by Diane Hochman that has helped many network marketers build their confidence, grow their leadership skills, and grow their influence. Get it here.

There are laws of success and once you understand those laws, nothing can stop you. When you understand the law of attraction, people will be chasing you. When you understand and apply the law of reaping and sowing, nothing will be able to stop you. Learn those laws and apply them to watch your business grow. Here is a great free place to start. Click here to unlock the laws of success for your business. 

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


Where to Find the People.

Are you in a network marketing company that you love and believe in? Are you struggling to get anyone else to join or buy your product? Did you know that almost all network marketers go through the same exact struggle?

Maybe it’s because the old ways just don’t work anymore. The Amway days of door to door sales, Fax blasting, and cold calling are no longer as effective for prospecting, at least they haven’t worked very well for me and many others I have known over the years.

Alright, so there are a few who actually make it to the top by talking to family and friends, going out and prospecting strangers and cold calling leads. But very few. And it takes a long time to build a business this way with a lot of work.

This is the age of the internet, friends. Everything is done online now. We shop online, we talk online, most people spend more time online talking to people than they do in real life. What does that tell you for your business? You are going to find the people online!

We have to go where the people are, right? You are going to find them hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, and other social media sites. That’s where you need to prospect. However, there are some very specific strategies you need to learn to be able to attract these people to you instead of feeling like you are constantly chasing them.  There are many effective ways to get these people coming to you!

Become a marketer, not a prospector. Prospecting for leads means you are searching them out, marketing is when you are attracting them to you. Learn how to start marketing on Snapchat here. 

How to Build Rapport With Your New Leads

If you don’t know what rapport means, it is simply building a relationship with someone. Asking questions to a prospect and finding their need is rapport. Many trainers teach that you should build rapport with your prospect before asking if they are open to your product or service. This is completely true, online or offline. You have to build a foundation. But…don’t stay there too long.

It is a business right? And you are in business to make sales correct? OK. So build the rapport, be sincere, find their needs, and then offer the solution. Also, don’t take it personal if they don’t get started. Your product or service is not for everyone, regardless of what your up-line tells you. It’s just not. Don’t take rejection personally, and also follow up again in a month or so.

It took me many years of training to understand the importance of building the rapport. Seriously, I am a slow learner! Don’t be like me. Start learning how to build rapport now and master it! It will pay you a lot of money later!

2 Biggest Platforms for Attraction Marketing – Blogging and FB Live

Blogging is the big dog that has been around the longest. However, blogging is slower growth. You should definitely do a blog, and post regularly, but you need to find other ways to market as well. Blogging consistently every single week will build your subscriber list and your influence online. But it is a slower process than other methods.

The hottest thing right now for getting fast leads is Facebook Live. Going live on FB gets a higher organic reach of leads, and people are more likely to click on a live video rather than a recorded one. They are also more likely to watch a live video than read a post, especially a long post.

So those are 2 great ways to start building your list of leads online, blogging for long term growth and FB Live for quicker leads. Both are great and both will grow your business.

Writing an e-book is another great way to give people value and draw them to you, and it’s easier than you think to do your first one. Check out this simple way to create your first e-book in one day right here.

Now go get some leads and build your dreams!

Genean Roberts


Online Marketer and Home Business Owner





I’m a red. There, I said it. I am a red personality type. That means I am motivated by a challenge, money and power. Doesn’t that sound terrible? But that is how God made me and I am grateful for the leader He is shaping me into daily.

I want to talk to you today about the 4 different personality types and how each one fits into Network Marketing and what motivates them to success. What motivates one personality does not at all motivate another. I used to think that everyone who showed interest in my opportunity was interested in making a lot of money and growing to the top of the organization. That’s just not true for everyone. It was true for me because I am a red personality type, so therefore, I assumed it was the same for everyone. And that seriously limited me in my business. Knowing how to interact with each of the four personality types is vital to your recruiting efforts!

We’ve all heard that building a home based business is all about relationships. And that’s very true. However, if we are beginning these relationships with assumptions, we will kill the sprout before it gets a chance to grow.  The more you know about the different personality types, the better you will become at building your team. You will learn that what motivates some will run off others.

The biggest skill you need to master IF you want more results in your home business is LISTENING. Most of us LOVE to talk. We talk and talk and talk, mostly about ourselves. Real success comes from learning how to SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

Those that suck simply fail to listen. They try to vomit their opportunity all over their prospects without finding out what the person really wants or needs. You have to learn to solve people’s problems before you can recruit them. Lead with something valuable which is sincerity and value, not your product or service.

If we learn to relate to each and give them what they want, we will have no problem getting to the top. Here are the 4 personalities, what drives them, and how to relate to them a little better.

Yellow Personality Type

Yellows make up 1/3 of the population. They care about other people and are always wanting to help.

They are driven by helping others and making a difference in the world. They are givers, who if they believe in something strongly enough, will build it to the top. Don’t, I repeat DO NOT, go after them with the concept of how much money they can make. They simply don’t care. It needs to be about a cause or helping others.

How To Recruit Yellows

They don’t want to be sold. They don’t like pushy, aggressive people.  They need a slower pace and for you to contain your excitement. They see excitement and hype as salesy and not attractive. Focus on how many lives they can help change by joining your team. They love testimonies of families lives changed because of a home business. Tell stories you know about others. Don’t focus on the money, focus on the freedom and helping others.

Blue Personality Type

Blues are ALL about fun. My husband is a blue and it has taken years for us to get on the same page. Most blues in MLM are jumpers, going from one business to the next. They LOVE change and adventure. They are the ones who are the life of the party and always want to be the center of attention. These are some of the planet’s most creative people.  They don’t need or want all the details.  They just want to know if the business will be fun, so it’s OK to show excitement with these guys!

How To Recruit Blues
They want things to happen quickly. They are the perfect people if your business is set up to have parties. They are the party crowd who love being around as many people as possible. They, similar to Yellows, don’t really care about comp plan. They just want to know if it’s fun. So talk excited, get excited, and they will get excited. They love to travel, so tell them all about any company trips you may have with your business.

Green Personality Type
This is my secondary after red. These are my people. They love details and statistics and can appreciate a good spreadsheet and schedule. They’re the analytical people. A downfall is that we will over analyze.  They work well with a complicated compensation plan. They love reviewing the comp plan and going over the details of how the business works.

How To Recruit Greens
Greens think they are the smartest people on the planet. I can’t say I disagree. Haha. They want ALL the details. You are NOT going to sell them something without them asking a ton of questions. They’ll want to research the web site, they’ll listen to the conference call and then they may do it again before FINALLY deciding. Give them time. Let me research. Answer all their questions.  Let Greens analyze the details at THEIR own pace.

Red Personality Type
Reds are the best! Uh, well we are. Reds are money-motivated, money-focused, love a challenge and want to have control.  Don’t bother talking to them about your family or your vacation. They don’t care. They want to make money and make it fast. They want to know about any shortcuts. They also want to know who the top earners are so that they can make a plan to make $1 more than that person. They need control and power. They are the best leaders and if trained correctly, your absolute best distributors.

 How To Sponsor A Red
Money, money and more money. They want to know about the money and the ranks. They’re just looking for producers, somebody who will build, build, build.  They are probably the easiest to recruit.

All personality types can be recruited by all personality types. It just takes a little training and tweaking in your prospecting. Be sincere, but lead with what is important to them. Lead with what motivates them. Don’t lead with what motivates you or you will only recruit your personality type. Now, get out there and build your business like a pro!

Genean Roberts


Do you need more leads to talk to for your business? Do you want to learn how to generate your own?

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If you have ever been in Network Marketing for any amount of time, you will find out rather quickly that not everyone is pleasant and some are down right mean. Whether you are working leads you generate on your blog, calling paid leads, talking to leads on social media, hanging flyers, or however you promote your opportunity, you will encounter turds.

Turds are the people who crap on your dreams. They are negative, and they have negative things to say about our industry. They will make you think about quitting, and they can kill your confidence if you are new in the network marketing world.

Jim Rohn is one of my all time favorite personal development speakers. One of my favorite things that he said was when he was talking about his mentor, My Shoaff. He says that Mr. Shoaff told him in his early days of building his business that there are only a few really mean people in the world, they just move around a LOT.  Haha. This helped him to gain a greater perspective. After that, if someone was mean to him, he would just tell himself there are just a few more out there like you and he would move on.

We have to be able to protect ourselves against turds! Don’t give these turds the power to destroy your business! (If you cannot tell by now, I just like saying the word turd. Don’t judge me!)

Let me help you with 3 ways to stop the turds from killing your business.

  1. Personal Development – Mindset really is everything. You cannot change the turd, but you can change you. Dive into personal development DAILY. I know you hear that all the time and you are probably tired of hearing that. I was too before I got serious and starting committing time to listen or read daily. Over time, my confidence grew, my belief grew, and my business started to grow. This is not optional if you really want to be able to succeed. A few of my favorite options are Jim Rohn, Dani Johnson, Joseph McClendon and Ray Higdon.
  2. Don’t take it personal. Some people are just against network marketing because they don’t understand the power and value of the industry. They are still stuck on the assumption that all are pyramid schemes. That’s their issue, not yours. Keep growing your business and they may come around later, they may not. Either way, just keep moving forward. Leave the turd behind in his cubicle while your grow your dreams.
  3. Whatever you do, do NOT get defensive. You will come across as desperate and needy and very unprofessional. Defensiveness will kill your shot at ever getting that sale. And it is a low-level of leadership. Rise up, stand tall and just move on. Some will, some won’t, so what….Move on.

Sometimes turds change. Sometimes they join later. I have seen experienced it. People who make fun of you for being in Network Marketing, they talk about how the prices are too high, how no one ever really makes money doing these types of things. Then, later on, they joined my business. Not everyone will, but if you stand strong, be professional and keep your posture, some will come around.

For the turds who don’t, flush them and move on.

Click here to start recruiting more qualified leads into your business so you don’t even have time to worry about the turds. (Again, I know, I just like saying turd. Turd, turd, turd.)