About Me

Hi friends! I’m Genean and I am so glad you are here. I have lived in Kentucky my entire life and love this state, but my heart longs to live beachfront one day. The plan is within the next two years. I am the wife of Vernon, the love of my life. We have been through hell and back and God has written such an amazing story for us. Maybe one day I’ll write a book.

I have 3 amazing kids who are almost grown. Austin is 22 and living in eastern KY where we are all originally from in a little town called Virgie. Kari is 21 and a full time college student living on campus. She comes home on breaks to steal all of our food and take back with her. Can anyone relate? And Zach is our youngest and is 14. We home-school now, after a year of feeling led to change some things and that was one of those things. He is learning so much and getting mostly A’s. He likes to joke and say he is the class president, most likely to succeed, prom king, and whatever else he can think to call himself on any given school day. This has been a challenge somewhat for both of us, but more of a blessing. We have been blessed with amazing kids who aren’t perfect but have turned into pretty decent human beings that I am very proud of daily.

I have been in the network marketing industry for 8 years. And once that bug gets in you, you cannot get rid of it. I have been in multiple companies over the years. I have quit when it wasn’t working quick enough, thinking there was something wrong with the business itself, or the comp plan, or the product. It has taken me many of those 8 years to realize it was none of those things. It was me. And me alone. It was my mindset, my negatively, my lack of consistency and my lack of sticking it out no matter how long it took. That’s the hard truth. It was ALL me. It was my failure to develop a positive mindset, failure to do the work every day, failure to just follow directions. But not just that. I also ran out of people to talk to. I have harassed family and friends enough in multiple businesses, even though my product is great and what they need. But pushing products like that is never going to accomplish that goal of getting real business builders and repeat customers.

So, I have learned a few things along the way about generating leads, about relationship building and being friends first without ulterior motives, about how to lead a prospect to a sale, and how to work a business professionally without looking like all the other folks out there. Now, I am in no way perfect at this. But I do believe I have learned a few things over the years that may be helpful for some of you.

Friends, will you walk this journey with me and let me help you learn an easier way? But only if you are willing to do the work and stay consistent and learn a few key ingredients to making your business profitable quickly. I’d be honored to help you on that journey.

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