How To Stop Your Stinking Thinking Today

Do you have stinkin’ thinkin’?

Are you always focusing on the negative first?

Does your attitude need an overhaul sometimes?

Do you complain when things don’t go as planned?

Watch the video below and I will give you 3 ways that have helped me.

  1. Track it. If you start journaling every time you are negative, it will make you very aware of how much negativity really is there. What you track you can work on.
  2. Listen to or read positive things every single day. There is so much negative out there that we need to replace it with positive. This could be reading personal development books or even just motivational/inspirational quotes or listening to a positive podcast.
  3. Join our FREE 7 Day No Complaining Challenge. This is an ongoing challenge. The goal is to get 7 days in a row of no complaining. It’s harder than you think folks! Could take weeks or months to get 7 days in a row, and that’s OK. It’s about progress not perfection. Join us here. 

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Social Media Marketer and Home Business Owner


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