How To Get Through The Network Marketing Slump

So, I have been MIA for about 3 months. 3 months of inconsistency in my business. 3 months of making excuses as to why I wasn’t doing everything I needed to in my business. 3 months of my business going downhill.

That’s why I’m writing this post today. Time got away from me and I lost consistency in my business and it shows. I’ve still been working my business but slacking on a few things and that stops now. I absolutely know consistency is the number one key to success in a home business, but I let other things take precedence and I let time get away from me.

So, I thought maybe someone else needs to hear this and know that it’s OK to get off track as long as you don’t stay off track and how to get yourself back on track after you have derailed a bit.

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Today I have 3 quick things I want to say about getting back on track.

  1. Make a decision. Decision is powerful. It’s half of success. It all comes down to a decision. You have to do some soul searching and ask yourself what is truly important. Is your business important enough to make time for it? Is the time and money freedom, which is why most of us start in the first place, is that worth it? Is helping other people by sharing what you do with them, either the products or the business opportunity, is what it could do for their families, is that worth it? If the answer is yes like it is for me, then just make the decision that you will immediately get back on track and start forward movement again.
  2. Make a schedule. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. So get a plan, write it down. If you need to schedule everything you do to make sure you get your daily IPA’s (income producing activities) done, then do that.
  3. Do things that keep you accountable. Like this video and blog post. I am telling all of you that I have been off track, but I am back on track now. It’s OK to get off track, but it’s not OK to stay there. I made the decision, I made my schedule and now I’m doing the work. Do the work. Do it unmotivated. Do it afraid. Do it when you don’t want to.

To your success,

Genean Roberts


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