How to Use the Power of the Curiosity Post to Get Leads

The power of the curiosity post.

So most of you who follow my videos on Facebook know that I completely believe in branding yourself and not your company. Posting your business and products all over Facebook is spam and makes you look like an amateur. Amateurs push products, professionals provide value and a solution for people.

So last night, I posted a curiosity post of sorts on Facebook. I make my own healthy toxin free face lotion, as well as other products and we have completely swapped out almost everything in our home over the past year for natural safe toxic free products.

Last night I posted this on my Facebook profile.

“My DIY Easy Healthy Homemade Face Lotion without the toxic chemicals.

If you are using store bought (neutrogena, noczema, etc) please know that those lotions and cremes are putting toxins into your body every time you put them on, many which are carcinogenic (cancer causing).

Every product you swap out for a natural one is one less chemical you are killing your body with each day. Know better. Do better. 

I’m so glad we made the switch to natural products over a year ago.”

Now, was I doing this to try to trick people into buying what I have to offer? No. Of course not. I did this to help people see that there are healthier options and to provide value.

Since posting, I’ve had over 30 people so far ask for the recipe. 

I sent the recipe by Messenger only, because I never give the name of my products away on social media, only that I am in health and wellness.  When I sent the messages to each, I began to ask questions like “have you ever made your own lotion”, or “how long have you been into more natural products”. Things like that to see if they have a need for what I have.

Then I simply asked if they would be open to learning more about how we were able to swap out all the bad products for healthy safe products.  Most said yes.

So at that point I directed them to my link. I did not blast a link in the first message with the recipe. I did not pressure or push or tell them how they should buy anything. No, I simply asked a couple questions, found out if they had a need and then asked if they were open to learning more.

If they weren’t, no big deal. If they were I sent the info. Super simple. It’s not spamming or pressuring. And you’re giving people value.

That’s a much better way to get people interested in your product, service or opportunity than doing a sales pitch all over your Facebook page and pushing products on people.

To your success,

Genean Roberts


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