3 Highly Effective Facebook Posts For Network Marketing

For anyone in a health and wellness home business: 3 of the best kinds of posts to do on Facebook to look like a professional network marketer and get people interested in your health and wellness business.

First of all, to everyone who is posting their product and name of their business all over Facebook, it’s spam. It’s actually against Facebook policy to do that. But most of all, it makes you look bad. I have learned that branding yourself works so much better than branding the company or the products. A professional brands themselves and adds value on Social Media, an amateur does sales pitches all the time. There’s a big difference.

But, there are ways to post on social media to get attention for your business without posting the company product or the company name or sounding like a sleazy salesman.

I have 3 kinds of posts that you can make on Facebook to get people interested in your product or service or business opportunity.

  1. Value posts. This is a big deal. If all you are doing is pitching your product or service, you may get a few, but you won’t do as well long term if all you’re doing is pitching. So do posts that are valuable. And you can do that without posting your company name or your product or service. These can be motivational quotes, tips on something related to your niche. For instance if you have a weight loss product you can give tips on how to lose weight or how to eat healthier and then at the end of the post, do a call to action which could be as simple as “message me if you want to learn more”, or “comment below and I will send you more of these tips”. You are providing value. No one feels like you are trying to sell them something, and you are drawing interest. They’ll get curious. People are nosy, right? So start posting value and see the difference it makes.
  2. Recognition posts – If someone rank advances in your team, upline or downline, recognize them. You can say something like “Sally just ranked up and got her $500 bonus and is now on track to hit her next rank soon. Message me if you want to learn how you can do this too.” Or something like “Congrats to Suzie for earning her Cadillac today” (or whatever company car your business offers if it does, I know many do) But you can recognize people’s accomplishments while attracting new prospects to you without ever saying the company or product name.
  3. Story posts. Testimonials. These are a great way to draw interest. People love a good story. So gather stories. I am sure your company has tons of testimonials, either on the products or the business. Use other people’s stories until you have your own. You can do that also without using the company name. For example. “Suzie lost 25 in 3 months on our super shake”, or “John was able to ditch his blood pressure meds after only 3 months using one simple product. Message me if you want to learn more”. No mention of company name or product and it gets people interested. Then you can connect with them on Messenger and build rapport, and see if what you have is a good fit for them.

So there you go. 3 ways to build interest on Facebook without doing a constant sales pitch which is super annoying, just sayin. I hope it was helpful. Now get out there and make it happen!

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer/Home Business Owner


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