3 Concrete Ways to Succeed in Your Home Business Even If Your Upline Doesn’t Help

When your up-line doesn’t help you or quits…what do you do?

This is something that I have heard so many people complain about. First of all, I want to explain a term for those of you who may not know. Up-line. If you are in network marketing you should know the term but just in case I wanted to explain myself. That is the person that signed you up in a network marketing business. You are their down-line and part of their organization/team.

Some of the things I have heard from other network marketers is this. They say either their up-line doesn’t really help them or their up-line quit or their up-line is too busy to take time to help them grow their business.

Ok, I have an answer  for you. So my answer for that is this. This is your home business, you and only you are in charge of making it work. Your success is not dependent on your upline’s help. Your success is all you. It’s all you.

So many people get in and they think that someone else is going to make them successful. It does not work that way. Now, I do think leaders in a company should support and guide their people, but it doesn’t always happen and so many times people kind of get left to figure it out on their own. But that honestly is OK because like I said, it’s your business. Your success ultimately is really up to you, not them.

Network marketing is hard work and you are the absolute only one who determines your success or failure. So if you are blaming your upline for your failure, you need to take hard look in the mirror and get over yourself. Blaming them is an excuse.

So today I have 3 tips for those of you who may not have an up-line person who really supports you or maybe is just not there when you feel they should be.

  1. Like I said before, Get Over Yourself , and realize that your success or failure in your home business is on you. No one else. But the great part about that is that you have a choice to do better and make it happen. That’s your choice.
  2. Plug into training and communities that are positive and encouraging. There are so many home business trainers online that are not company specific that you can plug in to and get really good training from. Two great options are Ray Higdon or Eric Worre. They are great industry trainers that can teach you how to succeed. Also if there are Facebook groups for your specific company join them and learn in there as well. Most network marketing companies have large Facebook groups you can join and learn from also.
  3. Finally, if you feel like you don’t really have a leader leading you, Become the leader. Become the leader. Step up, get trained, and step out as a leader to others so that they don’t come in feeling the same way you do.

So 3 things, get over yourself and make the decision to succeed without them, plug into training. There are tons of free training all over the inter webs, and then step up and become that leader you wish you had.

So, one last thing. If you are not currently in a network marketing company or not happy where you are, I would love to share what I do with you. So comment below or message me at http://www.facebook.com/geneanrobertsbiz to get more info about joining my team. It may or may not be a good fit, but you can at least check it out.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer/Home Business Owner


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