Network Marketing Mistakes We All Make and How to Stop

So I have not been live on Facebook in two weeks. 2 weeks! And only two or three times the entire month of February too! For months prior, I did a Facebook Live almost every day. Some of the “reason” I have not is because the flu hit me for quite a few days. But that’s not good enough. I did have the flu but the last 5-6 days I have been fine, not to mention the few weeks before that when I did not do much when it came to Facebook Live or writing in my blog. I’ve just been putting off things I need to do, such as doing Facebook Lives and writing here. That has to stop, so here I am. A few weeks later. Wanting to kick myself, but giving myself some grace and getting back to work. So, I decided I wanted to talk to you for just a few minutes about distractions and lack of motivation and what it does to our success in business, because I know that most of you go through the same thing I have.

Isn’t it funny how we get off track just a little and it’s so hard to get back on track? The same goes with a lot of things doesn’t it? Like our health, eating right and exercising. We can be so motivated and working hard toward our goals and then life happens. And we have the hardest time getting back on track. It also happens in our businesses and other things we do. So for me, the last few weeks really, it was starting before I got the flu, I have had a lack of motivation and I have been letting distractions determine my day.

The only way to keep that from happening is through commitment and consistency. But how do you push through a slump in your business? You know what I mean? A slump, where you just don’t want to do the work, you maybe have lost motivation, you are not being as consistent as you should be, you may be procrastinating, and you are letting distractions pull you in every direction. A slump.

I wanted to give you 3 easy things to really keep you on track or get you back on track in your business. These are things that have helped me when I have gotten off track, like these last few weeks.

  1. Daily to-do list. You need to write down your business priorities in order of importance. Putting it on paper is important. Write out your daily, weekly and monthly goals along with what you need to do each day to hit them. Whether that is to prospect 10 people a day on Facebook, or call 10 people a day, or send out daily email to your list, whatever income producing activities you need to do for your business, write them down in order of importance. This does not include scrolling Facebook or organizing your desk. Income producing activities.
  2. Set business hours. You have a home business. It should be treated the same way a traditional business is. Every professional business has business hours right? So set hours for your business and then whatever you wrote down on your priority list from number 1, do those things during those times.
  3. Personal Development. This has changed my thinking in so many ways. We are surrounded by so much negativity in life. We have to put things in our minds that change how we think and how we live. If we want to be successful and live a positive, happy life, we need to put positive in our minds. We have all heard garbage in, garbage out. What we put into our minds comes back out into our lives. So make sure you are filling your minds with positive things every day. Read or listen to some type of personal development daily.

There are many ways to manage your time effectively and to get your motivation back if you’ve lost it. But these are my go-to’s that help me. So, write down your to-do list, set your hours and listen or read personal development daily.

This will help your home business grow and you will see greater success using these steps.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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