3 Ways to Generate Leads on FB and a Periscope Review

So today’s post is a two part-er. Today I did my very first Periscope video. Did I know what I was doing? Nope. But you never learn until you just jump in right? So if you are on the fence about going live, either on Facebook, Periscope, or wherever, just do it. It gets easier. I am normally a FB live kind of girl, but I am working on expanding and growing my skills, so I tried it. And will likely keep doing it periodically. See my video below for my review of my first Periscope experience.

If there is a way to save my video on Periscope to upload and embed in a blog post, I could not find it. So here we are with a link only. I’ll research more later and if I discover a solution, I will blog about it. In the meantime, watch my Periscope video here. 

So, yeah, let’s talk leads. I know a lot of you are likely network marketers, affiliate marketers or in some type of sales. And how do you make money in any kind of sales? You gotta have leads right? Leads….which are people. The money is in the hands of the people. The people are who buy what you have. And the main problem that I hear from most people in this profession is how do I get leads? They need more people to talk to.

Most of you in a home business have already exhausted your list, you know the one. The list of 100 or 200 names of everyone you know that your company tells you to call and sell your products or service to. Those are likely the ones who run from you now. They see you in the grocery store and quickly turn the other way, or you send them a message, you see that they’ve read it, but they never respond. Fun times. Not really.

So today I want to give you 3 free easy ways to get leads on Facebook.

  1. Clean up your profile. OMG. There are so many network marketers blasting their products and services all over FB. Your wall is one big sales promotion. What you are really doing is turning people off. Even if they would be interested in what you are doing, promoting it all over Facebook is a big turn off. No one wants to be sold, but everyone wants to buy. It is all in how you approach it. So clean up your profile. Take all of the salesy stuff off and start offering value. For example, if you are in health and wellness you can give tips on getting healthy or eating better, or whatever, that is valuable to people. You constantly saying your product is the best, and buy it now is not valuable to people. If you clean up your profile and start posting value, you will see people start coming to you.
  2. Follow people on Facebook. Go to the pages where people you are looking for are hanging out. If you are in network marketing maybe go to Eric Worre’s page. Or Tony Robbins’ page, or Dani Johnson’s page. Find the people who are interacting and commenting on posts and follow them. What I mean by follow, for those who do not know, most people have an option to send a friend request or follow them. You don’t want to send a friend request to people you don’t know because that looks spammy and they will automatically think you are going to pitch them something, but following them gives a different vibe. So find people to follow. What happens when you follow someone on Facebook is that they get a notification. So and so followed you. People get curious so they check out your profile, and if you have cleaned it up and started adding value like we discussed in the first step I gave you, they will many times send you a friend request. At that point message them and start a conversation.
  3. Another great way to start getting leads on FB is to post in spam groups. You know what a spam group is right? Its all those network marketing/mlm/direct sales groups all over FB. You know, the ones where everyone in there is selling something and constantly posting crappy stuff that no one really listens to. But what if you posted value in those? Something completely different than the garbage that is in there, which is everyone pitching a product. Simply post tips or tell them about a helpful blog post you just wrote, or simply ask leading questions. Those groups are for the most part garbage, but if you add value you will see people start commenting asking for help.

There you go. 3 ways to grow leads on Facebook. I hope it was helpful. If you found value in this, then I want to invite you to a completely free 5 day lead generation challenge group starting Monday, March 5th. It is for anyone in a home business and you will learn how to start generating leads quickly using social media. And it’s free. So you have nothing to lose. Get registered here!

To your success,

Genean Roberts

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