Why You Need to Believe in Your Product or Service

Why is it important to love your product or service? 

If you are in network marketing already and have your own business, I have a couple questions for you. 

Do you love what you promote? Do you believe in it? Do you have a passion for it? And are you using it daily?

These are important questions to ask yourself. There were a couple different companies in my 9 years in Network Marketing that I did not really care for their product or service. I felt like either it didn’t work or was not a good buy for the money. Now, how in the world was I supposed to get anyone else to buy anything if I did not believe in it myself. That’s huge. I just gave you a huge nugget for your business. I did not believe in my product or service and it showed up in my sales. I bet it does your too, either your belief or unbelief is showing up in your sales.

Do you believe in what you are promoting and do you love it? I sure hope so. I hope you are in a company that you can believe in, that you are proud of, that you can stand behind, and that you use the products daily. Or if you offer a service, not a product, I hope you use that service yourself. Because if you don’t it will show up in your business.

I am in health and wellness, and I totally believe in our products and I use them every single day. That’s important if you want to be sincere and really help people and work with integrity. If you don’t believe in it, and if you don’t love it or use it, that will eventually effect your business. People will eventually be able to tell. Your business will suffer.

The other businesses that I was in that I didn’t believe in or love the product, wasn’t because the products were bad, it’s because I didn’t really try. I just wanted to make money. In my mind, it was not about the service or the product I was offering, it was just about making sales. Maybe that is where you are. Maybe you think you using the product or service you are promoting is not important, but it is so very important.

Belief affects our success. Not only belief in yourself, which is the biggest thing, and not only belief that the business model works, but you have to believe in what you are selling to be truly successful. You cannot truly speak with passion about it if you don’t love it or use it. Passion is what people buy much of the time. They hear about your love for it and it closes them on buying it. You cannot speak with boldness and strong posture if you don’t believe in it.

So you need to learn all you can about that product or service you are selling and find out why you should love it. Start using it as well. That’s the best way to find out if it is worthy of your love and belief. . And then, maybe you will fall in love with it and be more passionate about it. That’s when the magic will start to happen.

If you are not in a company and you are thinking about starting your own business, I would love to share with you what I do, because I fully believe in and love my products and my company. And I can say to you with boldness and passion that it is an amazing place to be. So if you’re in a network marketing company already, I suggest learning to love your products or service, if you can’t, maybe you need to be somewhere else. If you aren’t already in a business, make sure you choose something you can love and stand behind.

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