How to Get Your New Distributor Started Right

OK, so maybe you are excited because you signed up your first distributor into your home business.

You made a little commission.

You got their order placed and everything is all good, right?  But what’s next?

Where do you go from there?  How do you set them up for the best possible chance at success? Because that’s what you want right? Them to succeed which helps you to succeed. Watch this video for tips on how to get your new person started the right way!

Most network marketers have no idea how to bring new people into the business properly. Most network marketers have no clue on how to start someone off with the right steps. And many times because you don’t know what to do, you either give them a huge list of things to do which overwhelms them, or you give them no steps to take at all, which confuses them.

Both ways usually end with the new distributor fizzling out quickly.

I was reading Go Pro by Eric Worre again this morning as I was doing my Miracle Morning routine, and

Chapter 9 he talks about this very thing, how to get your new distributor started right. I have read this book before, but these never really hit me until this morning.

Funny how that happens, huh? We read something and it doesn’t stick the first time. And when we read it the next time, it’s mind blowing. That’s why it’s so important to listen to personal development and read personal development books over and over. Our brains can’t catch it all at once.

So, anyway back to the book. Chapter 9 is about the “Game Plan Interview”. The Game Plan Interview is something Eric learned from a mentor in the industry and he implemented it into his network marketing company. And guess what? It worked.

So I want to briefly give you some points from this chapter and my take on it.

Game Plan Interview Part One:

  • Validate their decision to become a distributor by saying congratulations! I agree that this is huge. People need to hear approval and they need to know others are excited for them. Making someone else feel good for the decision they just made garners you credibility. They trust you more now. Always validate your new distributor’s decision to take charge and stepping up.

 Game Plan Interview Part Two:

  • Set their expectations. YES! Most people come in with unrealistic expectations. So make sure they know their success is dependent on their work ethic and their willingness to do what they need to do and follow directions. Make sure they know up front that it is not your job to make them successful. Their success or failure is their choice. They need to own that. Let them know you will be there to guide them, but never to do it for them.
  • Promote Independence. Let your new distributor know that you are there to help in the beginning and there as a guide and resource from then on, but the goal is to get them doing the work without you. You may need to do a few 3 way calls, or teach at their first party, but after that, they have to be willing to step up and be the leader of their own business.
  • Be Up Front About Their Excuses and Doubts. Every network marketer goes through times of doubt and fear. Many get stuck over the fear of rejection. Many get stuck on excuses as to why they can’t do what they need to do. Make it clear up front that these things happen to all of us at one time or another. Make sure they know there will be ups and downs and then ask them if they give you permission to hold them accountable. Ask them if when the doubts and fears start coming in and they are making excuses as to why it isn’t working, can you remind them of why they got started in the first place and hold them accountable.

Game Plan Interview Part Three:

  • Getting started checklist. Of course each company is different and different people choose to promote different ways, whether online or offline, by phone or by email. But depending on your company, create a checklist. The checklist should include being on the monthly autoship. This is important for any serious business builder to be using the products they are selling and committing to that monthly amount. If you are in a company that has samples, samples should be on the list for the new distributor to be handing out. Things such as how many hours they are willing to put into their business, company website info and login information, Facebook groups they can join, webinars coming up about your business, upcoming training events and seminars  needs to be on the checklist, comp plan overview, the invitation process, and other things that pertain to your specific company.

 These are all great steps to take with your new distributors as they come on board. It also needs to be the day they start if at all possible. I’ve done some of these things, but not all, but I am implementing the rest immediately for my new distributors. You should too.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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