How to Prospect on Facebook the Right Way

Are you struggling to generate leads using Facebook and you are wondering why people are running the other direction?

Facebook is definitely the place to be if you are in business. 2.07 billion monthly active users is a huge number, right? However, there are some very good ways to prospect for your business on Facebook and some very wrong ways, both of which I have done, and both of which have very different results.

First of all, Facebook is not meant to be for posting your business on your profile; it’s actually against their terms and conditions. You are not supposed to use Facebook to advertise on your wall. That’s what business pages are for. Facebook is a social network platform right? Social, meaning where people get together and share ideas, stories and life, not an advertising platform. At least that was not how it was supposed to be.

However, now FB has become a never ending newsfeed of people pitching their product or service. This is called spamming and I was guilty for a long time as well, so don’t feel bad if that is you now.

Today I want to help you find a better way. A way to prospect on FB that actually attracts people to you instead of them ignoring your messages and unfollowing you or sometimes even unfriending you.

I finally figured out a better way, I found some great training, and I want to share what I have learned with you, because it has helped me so much. I want to pay that forward.

So, I have 4 tips here for prospecting on Facebook. 

1. So, first of all, don’t post things constantly about your product or service. It runs people off. It does. It comes off as salesy and spam and it turns people off to whatever you are doing. This is the exact opposite of what you want right?

So, the answer is to stop promoting your company all over social media, and learn how to brand yourself. Learn how the pros draw in people. Branding you, being yourself and letting others see that, that is what will draw them to you, not your product, service or opportunity. You can find free training on branding over at my WEBSITE.

2. OMG. A biggie for me. Don’t add people to groups, especially if it is sales promotion groups. That’s rude. People want to choose for themselves. It is OK to invite them, but never just add them. I get added to like 5 or 6 new groups a day, and do you know what I do? I immediately remove myself and then most of the time, I will unfollow the person who did it because it’s super annoying.

3. Follow people on Facebook. Find people who are business minded like you, they hang out on pages such as Dani Johnson, Chalene Johnson, Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey, and others like them. Find people who look like they may be a good prospect and follow them. When you follow them, they get a notification, it makes them feel good and not only that, they get nosy and want to know who is following them. So if your profile isn’t full of sales pitches like we just talked about, then they may decide to friend request you. At that point, send them a message and start a conversation.

4. Next, it’s OK to friend request people who look like a good fit for what you are doing, but never send a friend request without following it up with a personal message. Network Marketing, or any type of business really, should be about relationship building. You build the relationship by sincerely getting to know someone and then, if you discover after having a real conversation that you may have what they need, then and only then, ask them if they are open. Don’t send them a link, don’t tell them why they need what you have, don’t pressure, just ask them if they are open to at least taking a look.

So, clean up your profile, then get out there and make some new contacts, start some conversations, and build some relationships. It takes the pressure off of you and them when you are just talking and seeing if they have a need for what you offer, instead of assuming they do and pushing it down their throat. Try it and see.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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