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Are you in a home business and you’ve ran out of people to talk to and you don’t really know what to do next? Watch this video! 

Warm market, which is people you know such as family and friends, is an OK place to start when you are brand new to recruiting in network marketing, but it definitely makes more sense to scale your business online to reach a much larger audience. One thing a lot of people go through when they are building a home business is only recruiting to their warm market. The sad thing is that their warm market isn’t always as receptive as they hoped they would be.

This could be a variety of reasons, the home business owner being salesy and pushy being the top one. 

There are way too many who vomit their home business all over social media and when they find interested people, they harass and hound them until they scare them away. So it’s so important to learn how to say the right things online.

And many times you simply run out of people. Can anyone relate?

This, however, is not a reason to quit network marketing. This is not the only way to build your business. Not at all.

A great way to scale your business is to actively prospect on social media. Branching out into cold market is a skill you can master as you start going beyond your warm market.

First, you have to know where to find the people. A great place to find people is on Facebook. Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users. That means almost a third of the world is here. That’s where the people are most likely going to be. 

Next you have to know how to find the right kind of people for your business, your target market. Then, you need to learn the right things to say. You need to learn what to say that attracts them to know more, instead of getting a no, or them simply ignoring you and never responding to your message.

So, tonight January 24th, 2018 at 9pm EST, there is going to be a completely free webinar focusing on Building Your Team Completely Online Using FB Messenger. Erin Birch, a multiple 6 figure earner and top coach in MLSP, will be teaching how she earned 6 figures by using only FB Messenger and how she got 65 people added to her team in 2 weeks using this one strategy.

If you want to learn how to grow your business online, this is the one webinar you do not want to miss.

Here’s the LINK. Get registered before tickets run out!

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