Motivation: Is Your Focus On the Right Things In Your Home Business?

Do you feel like you are losing motivation in your home business? Does it just seem like you can never get ahead? The truth is, we get so caught up in trying to build a business, make a sale, grow a downline, and grow an income, that sometimes we lose focus on the right things.

We take on the mindset of how am I going to “get” someone to buy something. How am I going to “get” leads to follow me, how am I going to “get” people on my team to work. It’s all about the “get” when it should be about the “give”.


Remember the quote “If you help enough people get what they want, you will always get what you want”? Help others get. We tend to put the focus on what we get. Our business will not grow if we are focusing on us and what we want and what we can “get”.

When you place the focus on you, your motivation is out of whack.

I mean, I guess you can build a business focusing on just yourself and what you can “get” out of it, but it will never be fulfilling. You lose motivation quickly when the focus is on you. If your focus is on you, you start to feel empty and your motivation dies. And if you don’t have motivation, your business slowly dies.

But if you place the focus on others and what you can do for them, you then have purpose and your motivation builds and stays strong. When you focus on “What Can I do for them?” or “What can I give to them?”, then your purpose becomes more clear and you become more focused on what is important, which is other people.

When you contribute to others and focus on helping others, you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, your confidence is stronger. And when you sincerely care about helping other people, a passion grows in you and you will want to do it more and more. And the more people you help, the faster your business grows.

I hope you can find your motivation today through what you can give to others and how you can help your team members and prospects,  and in that giving, you’ll find that things will  start to fall into place for you. Stop focusing on what you can get, and focus on what you can give today!

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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2 thoughts on “Motivation: Is Your Focus On the Right Things In Your Home Business?

  1. Great post! Great reminder on the fact that you must be a “giver” to ulitmately achieve success. A great book on this concept that I really enjoyed was Give and Take by Adam Grant.

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