Are You Ready to Go Pro in Your Network Marketing Business?

Are you ready to Go Pro? Do you even know what that means? Are you struggling in your network marketing business and just don’t know how to get past the hurdles that are keeping you stuck?

If that is you, then you are who I want to talk to today. Making The Decision to Go Pro in Your Network Marketing Business is exactly that, a decision.


This morning I was reading a couple chapters in Go Pro by Eric Worre. I’ve read this one a couple times. If you don’t have this, get it. It is one of the best books for network marketing. So, in chapter 2 he talks about the 3 types of people who start into Network Marketing. The poser, the amateur, and the professional.

Here’s a breakdown of the 3.

The poser treats it like a lottery ticket hoping to hit it big with very little effort. The posers usually quits fairly quickly. These are the folks who will call it a scam or a pyramid scheme or other negatives. They will say things like these things never work, I am just not a sales person, I don’t know enough people, etc. And then they quit.

The amateur focuses on too many different things, they will hop from one idea to the next and one company to the next. They are mainly hoping to find the right two to three people who will blow the roof off their business and in turn make them a millionaire. The amateur will make a few sales, but more often than not, they will get frustrated and quit. Most people get into Network Marketing with the mindset that it is all about how many people you know. This is how the amateur thinks. If they don’t know a lot of people, many times they feel like they cannot succeed. That does sound logical, but it is not true at all in Network Marketing.

Posers and Amateurs Make Up 98% of The Network Marketing Industry

Then, there is the professional. Now, not many of us get started and become the professional overnight. I definitely did not. Usually we start as the poser, when we figure out that don’t work, you either quit or decide that you better step up your game. Then you become the amateur, until the same thing happens and you either get frustrated and quit or again, decide that you need to up your game. Then you grow into the professional if you don’t quit. The professional makes a decision to “Go Pro”, and then they finally start seeing success. It’s a decision. That’s all. And anyone in network marketing can make that decision.

Your success or failure is completely tied up in a decision. You make a decision to become a student of the industry and learn from leaders, you make a decision that you will stay consistent and never give up. You make a decision to implement what you learn as you go. You make a decision to take the focus off of you and put your focus on helping others succeed and grow in their business. That’s how you become a professional in network marketing.

So make a decision to invest today into YOU and into your business by investing into your training and growing your skill set and then implementing what you learn. Make a decision to Go Pro.

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To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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