3 Daily Activities to be Doing To Rock Out Your Home Business in 2018!

There are specific things that every home business owner needs to be doing in their business if they want it to grow quickly.

I’ve talked to you before about determining your target market and who exactly that is and what types of people you are looking for to join your business. If you are not familiar with what a target market is, it’s basically the people you want to market to with whatever product or service you have to offer. So if you are in health and wellness, maybe your target market is people who want to lose weight, etc.  So you need to figure that out first. Who are they and where do they hang out online? For the purpose of this blog, I am going to assume you know who your target market is. (If you don’t, go do that now) Today I want to talk to you about specific things you need to be doing every single day to grow your business.

  1. Connect with 10 people a day and have conversations. This could be people who follow you on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, or other places online. Start up conversations with people, not with the intention of pitching your product or service to them, but just to be a human being talking to another human being. Just say something like, “hey thanks for liking my page today” or “thanks for the follow on Twitter”, or if they sent you a Facebook friend request you could say something like “Hey, how’s it going? Thanks for connecting. What prompted you to send a friend request today?” Then depending on what they say, just have a conversation. Do not go straight into a sales pitch. Maybe look at their profile and then comment something you see in common with you, for instance, you could say something like “I see you have a couple kids, I have 3 myself. How old are your sons?” etc. Just make conversation and be a person. Many people get into a home business and they forget how to do that. They forget how to be a person. So just be a person talking to another person. Then once you have built rapport for a few minutes, and if they seem like someone who would be your target audience, then and only then, ask the question. “Hey, would you be open to hearing more about what I do?” This will drastically grow your warm market if you do this every day. It will take maybe 20 minutes tops.
  1. Create content daily. This could be a blog post or just a social media post. Just make sure it is valuable and helpful to someone in your target market. This could be a video, or some type of valuable article with tips on a particular subject. Doing this will grow your internet real estate and after a little while you will start seeing a lot of growth in the number of views, comments, likes and other interactions.
  1. Personal newsletter or email to your list every day (or at least 3 times a week). Basically a list is leads or people who have requested more info about your business, shown some type of interest in what you. Add to that list every time you find new people. This is where you follow up and start to see the magic happen.  Not many people get started right away, so building that list and emailing that list daily or at least a few times a week will keep you close to them, and then when they are ready they will get started with you.

These are a quick, free way to grow your business online. If you need to get more daily leads to add to your list, use this FREE TRAINING to generate free leads on Facebook.

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