3 Tips for Busy Working Moms Who Want to Build a Home Business

Are you a busy working mom who barely has time to pee or shower, much less work a home business?

Maybe between working your J-O-B, dropping off and picking up the kids at daycare, running errands, making dinner, doing the dishes and laundry and cleaning up messes, you feel stretched very thin? 

If that is you, then please hear me. I want to talk to the ones who want to build a home business and have time freedom to stay home, but right now you are crazy busy and have no idea how you could fit a business into your already crazy life.

Now, maybe you’ve started your business, but you don’t even know where to really start because of the busyness of life and feel like you have no time at all to devote to your business. Can anyone relate?

So let’s talk about how to grow your business online if you only have one hour a day? Everyone can do one hour a day. You might think you don’t even have an hour, but you do. It is so easy not to do anything at all in your new business when you are strapped for time. But you will never have that time freedom until you make the time. So let’s say you have a full time 40 hour a week job, 2 or 3 small kids, a husband and you volunteer at church, because I know some of you out there are the type that takes on seriously more than you can handle. I used to be guilty of the same thing. But if you sit down and take a serious look at your time, I think you can find an hour.

So how can you squeeze in a home business on top of everything else?

Let’s say one hour a day is seriously all you can squeeze in. And maybe 2 on Saturday with Sunday off. That’s 7 hours a week. If you want it bad enough, you can find 7 hours a week. If you don’t want it bad enough, you will find an excuse. So one hour a day. What can you do in that one hour a day to make sure it grows your business?  The truth is that you better make that hour each day count by doing income producing activities with dedication and consistency.

There are 3 steps you need to take to make it happen:

  1. Schedule your time and stick to your schedule. This is SOOO important. Make sure your family knows that this is the hour you will be working so that there are less distractions and interruptions. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So have a plan. So let’s say you can work from 7-8pm in the evening after dinner. Or maybe you have to wait until the kids are in bed. So maybe it’s 9-10pm. Or maybe you can only do mornings from 8am-9am, or maybe you are planning to work on your lunch hour at work. Whenever that is for you, schedule it and stick to it.
  2. Be prepared. Use the first 5 minutes of that hour each day to figure out exactly what you need to do. Figure out in that 5 minutes what income producing activities you need to do. This does not include scrolling Facebook or rearranging your desk drawers. Write down the specific things you need to do that are income producing activities for that day. For example, maybe for your hour one night you will call or text 10 leads, write a blog post and do a short YouTube video and post it to all of your social media accounts. Whatever way you are using to grow your business, whether you want to make videos, or use Facebook Live, Twitter, blogging, calling leads, email blasts, posting in groups and forums, whatever that is for you, have a plan and then implement that plan every day.
  3. Don’t let procrastination slow or stop your progress. It’s really easy, especially when we don’t have a whole lot of time. We have a tendency put it off and then think “well, I am 30 minutes late getting started so I just won’t work tonight at all” or “I only have 30 minutes to work instead of an hour tonight, so I might as well not work at all”. Or “I am really tired, I had a bad day at work, the baby didn’t sleep well last night, so I am just going to skip tonight”. Whatever excuse you are trying to use, don’t do it. It will keep you from working. Do you know what happens when you don’t work? Your business doesn’t grow and you get frustrated and quit. Trust me, I’ve been there.

I hope that was helpful. So, the three tips are schedule your time, prepare your time, and don’t procrastinate. If it’s important enough you will make the time and do the work.  Also remember to give yourself some grace. It’s hard, especially when you are super busy. If you get off track, just start over. That’s the great thing about tomorrow. We can try again.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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