Beware of the Home Business Killer

Do you know what can kill your business faster than anything? Doing Nothing! 

Procrastination is the Home Business Killer.

This has been something that has been tough for me in business. Not as much when I had a J-O-B. Every time I have had a job over the years, I always had a schedule I went by and deadlines that I either put upon myself or others put on me. My personality type does not like missing deadlines and I would work hard to make sure nothing was ever late. I know many of you who are probably the same way, Maybe you have a job right now and you are dedicated and always makes sure your work gets done. But do you give the same respect to your home business and are you hitting your deadlines? If not, watch and read below for some help to get you moving in the right direction!


For many of us, for some reason, when we have our own business working from home, it is easier to put things off. Why? Why is it that we say we want to grow a business, we want to work for ourselves and build a large team, but then we constantly put off what needs to be done?

The problem is that we don’t always treat it like a real business do we? We see it differently, especially if you are brand new to a home business and haven’t made any money yet. Even if you have been in a while, it can still be difficult to just do what needs to be done. Like today, for instance, I put off getting this video made and this blog post written. But I am doing it. Why? Because I made the decision to.

Here are 3 things that have helped me to kill procrastination in my own business.

  1. Make a decision. The power of decision is crazy. When we set our mind to something, not much can stop us. So decide. Make the decision to do the work. Powerful things can happen when we decide to make them happen right? Let someone else know the decision you made to do in your business and ask them to keep you accountable. But first you have to make a real decision that you are going to work it until it works!
  2. Keep a schedule or planner. Make the decision and then take an action. Action kills procrastination. The best way for me is to have it written down in a schedule. If it’s not scheduled I most likely won’t do it. Now I know some of you out there hate schedules, but they are very helpful in keeping you on track and works as a list you can check off each day. Write down at least 3 things in your schedule every morning to do for your business and don’t go to bed until all 3 have been checked off the list.
  3. Reward your progress. Set goals, and when you hit the goals reward yourself with something you’ve been wanting for a while. This could be a spa day or a new outfit or whatever. But set goals and then plan rewards for when you hit those goals.

Bonus tip:

You need a strong vision. Your “why” will kill procrastination as well as action. Create and write out a vision for your life and fight for it and just do the work. Write out your vision on paper, or better yet, create a vision board. It will keep you strong when the motivation runs out and the negative tries to get back in. Vision will save your business and your life.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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