Why 98% of Network Marketers Fail and How to Succeed!

Are you in a home business? And are you struggling in that home business? 

Did you know that there are websites that rank all the network marketing companies and predict which ones will grow and which ones will not? Here are the top 10 network marketing companies for 2018 according to MLM Rankings.

  1. Princess House – Cookware
  2. Rodan and Fields – Skincare
  3. Young Living Essential Oils – Essential Oils
  4. Avon- Makeup, Perfume, Jewelry
  5. Doterra – Essential Oils
  6. Scentsy- Candles
  7. Pampered Chef – Cookware
  8. Mary Kay – Makeup
  9. Isagenix – Health supplements and Weight Loss Shakes
  10. Tupperware – Plastic Dishes and Containers

Here’s the reality, the company you are with doesn’t determine your success. It doesn’t matter. If it’s one of these companies listed or any of the other well known companies out there today. It doesn’t matter which one. Your success is not dependent on that company or those products or services.

That’s right. It does not matter which company you are with, how good your comp plan is, how well you know your products or services, or even how good the products and services are. Those are not what people are really buying.

So many people get caught up in researching so that they can find the right company with the perfect products and the perfect comp plan, because if all that is perfect, then you will be successful right?  Wrong. What happens when you think that way is you join and you start vomiting your opportunity, and your products or services all over people trying to get them to buy. And they don’t buy. Why? Because you are leading with that product or service or business opportunity. Regardless of how good it is, that’s not what people want. Yes, people want to buy, but they don’t want to be sold. The products don’t really matter.

What matters is you. People do not buy because of the products even though they want to have good products, They can get those other places from other reps. They will buy from you because of the relationship and the trust they have in you and your credibility. If you are just out there giving a sales pitch all over the place, you’re killing your credibility and you are going to turn people off and scare them away.

So what can you do to fix that?

The answer is this. What you need to be doing instead of pushing your product, service or biz opp is to learn how to sell you. That’s what it’s really about. Selling yourself. Now, you may ask how in the world can I do that and not push my product? The answer is branding. Building your brand as a business owner, and learning the art of attraction marketing that will draw the people to you instead of you going out and pushing that product everywhere and to everyone.

How can you do that?

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To your success,

Genean Roberts

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