Why Your Success Doesn’t Depend On What Network Marketing Company You’re With

Are you tired of promoting your products and services all over social media with no results to show for it? Are you tired of contacting friends and family only to have them ignore you, tell you no, or even unfriend you?

I’m going to get real with you today. I hope that’s OK.


So, you may disagree and think that your company has the best products or service or comp plan, but the truth is that none of those matter. They really don’t.

Let me explain.

Many people in network marketing jump from one company to the next. I was one of those people for a long time. You join a company and within a short amount of time,  if we are not seeing the results we think we should be seeing, we jump ship and onto the next big thing, only to do the same thing there. Can anyone relate? 

I was a home business jumper, even after good training, I still jumped ship quite often. I started my first home business in 2008, no sales in a month or two, so I quit. I blamed the product for being too expensive. OK, so I was a newbie and didn’t know what I was doing, completely new to a home business, so I didn’t know any better right? I’ll give myself a break on that one.

Well, a few months later in January 2009, I started another home business. I started training at this point and followed a few directions, even went to my first Dani Johnson seminar. I learned a few things, implemented a couple, made a few high commission sales even, but when sales dropped again, I blamed the economy, my up-line, the product, I blamed everything but me. And eventually I quit.

A year later, I decided to try again with a new company. And then a few months later another company. I could not figure out why this was not working for me. So I started to blame it on the company again, and the products again. Then I started saying things like “Oh I am just not a salesperson”, or “This just isn’t for me”. And I quit…again…. I did this over and over, waiting for the right company to come along, the right up-line who would help me to the top, the right time and place. But those things never happened. Then, I quit altogether for while. I used excuses like this just isn’t for me.

Then, in July of 2016  I decided to attend another training seminar with Dani Johnson. If you don’t know who she is, go to www.danijohnson.com and check her out. I was willing to give it one more shot. So, I went back and said I wanted to try one more time, mainly because once you get a taste of working for yourself, a taste of success, you can’t get rid of that desire.

This was the turning point. The shift finally started happening for me. A renewed mind. I started to see that the companies were not the issue, the products and the services were not the issue, the issue was me. All of those businesses failed and it was because of me. There are people still today succeeding wildly in those businesses. The problem was me.

Since then, over the past year and a half I have been working on me. I have been doing more personal development, I have joined a new business that I am dedicated to, that I will stay with and not expect success to fall in my lap.

I have begun implementing new trainings and I am learning to not only work on improving me, but to build my brand, to grow me into the leader that people want to follow. The problem had always been me and if you relate to any of this, the problem is probably you. So what will you do about it? It’s a simple question right? What will you do to grow you, to improve you in 2018 so that your business will grow and this year will be your best year in business yet?

The choice is yours whether this year will be like the last. The choice is yours to rise up or to cower in defeat. It’s up to you and only you can make that decision. I hope you choose to grow you as a person. The sales will follow. Income follows your personal growth. Who you DECIDE to grow into will determine your income in 2018. Choose wisely friends.

If you want to learn how to begin building you, but don’t know where to start, you can find me on Facebook for some free training as well. Send me a message to get information about our next free challenge group starting up. I wish you the absolute best in 2018!

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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