Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Leader in Your Network Marketing Business?

Do you have what it takes to be a true leader and grow your team to where you want it to be? Being a business owner and growing a team means that you also have to do things that may not be as comfortable and may take quite a bit of effort on your part. However, our comfort zone never gets us anywhere, so we have to get out of our comfort zone and do the uncomfortable, such as doing Facebook live videos, right? Or Youtube videos? Or Zoom trainings? Or other things that a leader does?

Here are 3 Qualities, in my opinion, of what a true leader does that sets them apart and what you can do to become that leader you were born to be.

1. Focus on your strengths. Admit your weaknesses and acknowledge them, but focus on your strengths. If you focus on those things you are good at, you can hone in on those skills and master them easier than areas where you are not as strong. So make a list of your top 3 strengths and then focus on them in your business. We are all wired differently with different personalities which come with different strengths. If we focus on our strengths, we will become better, stronger leaders.

2. Become a role model. If you are building a business online, people are watching, whether you know it or not, people are watching. So set the example for them to follow. Show them that you are consistent, that you have a positive mindset, that you care about them, that you have weaknesses and failures but they also need to know that you don’t stay there, you pick yourself back up. People need to see and hear these things from you.

Be the person you would want to follow. Stand up and be the leader that does things a bit differently, the one willing to take risks, and the one who will step up to the plate and say I am going to lead by example. Show up every day in your business and do the income producing activities that are going to grow your business and help others to grow theirs. Be the inspiring influential leader you were born to be and that people want to follow.

3. Integrity. The quality of being honest and having moral principles. Don’t lie about your success. That doesn’t mean you have to say you’re broke or unsuccessful; just don’t lie and say you are somewhere you are not yet. Until you get there, give other people’s success stories. Facts tell and stories sell. Use other people’s testimonies. Leverage other people’s success until you have your own. I share a lot of stories of other people who are where I want to be. Get a list together of 5-10 testimonies in your business and use those until you have your own stories to tell. People want to see people who are real, they want to know that you have struggles too, they want to know if you have failed before, because that is what will encourage them to believe that they can succeed too. Be real.

So, in my opinion these are 3 traits that a business leader should have. Focusing on your strengths, being a role model others want to follow, and doing it all with integrity. I am not where I want to be but I am learning every day and growing closer to the person I want to be while having the business I want to have. It’s about steps, taking each step, learning, growing and building, implementing as you learn and becoming that leader as you go.

Now go out and build your business as a leader and help others to do the same.

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Genean Roberts

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