3 Tips on How to Grow Your Business Using Facebook

Did you know that there are over 2 BILLION active monthly Facebook users? That’s insane, right? Do you know what that tells us? That we need to be promoting our businesses on Facebook! Facebook can be a powerhouse of leads for your business, regardless of what type of business you are in.

Whether you are in network marketing, affiliate marketing, insurance sales, realty or whatever it may be, Facebook is a great place to grow your lead base and your sales. Now the question is how. How do you compete with all the other people out there who are selling something too? The answer is Attraction Marketing. Draw them to you instead of chasing them down and pitching your product or service at them. Watch this video and then read below to see how to professionally promote yourself on Facebook and grow your business this year.

Tip Number 1: Facebook Live.

Facebook live videos get a farther reach automatically. Facebook likes when you go live. So going live will build your business quicker because you get the word out and you get organic views from Facebook. Not only that, but statistically people are more open to watching videos than reading some long post you write.

Facebook Live videos do not need to be a sales pitch, but rather something valuable for the viewer. For instance today, in the video above, I was on Facebook Live. I was teaching you how to grow your business on Facebook. I was not pitching my product or business, but I was sincerely giving advice on how to grow your business using Facebook. You can tweak your videos to fit your niche.

For instance, if you are in a company that sells weight loss products, you could do a live about 3 tips to healthier eating, or 3 ways to lose weight fast. If you sell makeup, maybe do a live makeup tutorial on how to apply makeup. Whatever it is that fits what you do,it needs to be valuable content that people can use, not a sales pitch. If you just do a sales pitch people will not watch. It needs to be informative and helpful. Put yourself in their shoes and think about things you would actually like to see and learn about. Then think about how you feel when someone is trying to pitch you something without even getting to know you first. Give valuable content, not a sales pitch.

Tip Number 2: Post inspiration and motivation. People love inspiration. So post a few inspirational quotes here and there or things that are meaningful. Again, not your product or service but helpful information. Not a sales pitch, just something valuable. It will make people more interested in you and they will look forward to seeing more. People need to hear good positive things, because much of Facebook and even our daily lives can sometimes be filled with negative moreso than positive. So be a positive light to people. It will attract them to you.

Tip Number 3: Follow people on Facebook who are in the same niche as you are or who are on pages about business that you like. For instance, you can go to someone like Tony Robbins’ or Dani Johnson’s fan pages and get involved in discussions. Find like minded people and follow them on Facebook. Don’t friend request them, just follow them. Click the “follow” button on their profile. Adding people that you don’t know as friends is spamming. So just follow them. Do you know what happens when you follow someone on Facebook? They get a notification saying you followed them. Do you know what happens after? They get nosy and look at your page. Then, many times they will send you a friend request, because they didn’t feel like they were being hunted by a sales person. You attracted them to you by tapping them on the shoulder and just saying hey.

BONUS TIP: Message all new friends and start a conversation. Not with the intent of selling them something, but with the intent of just starting a conversation and saying Hi. Ask them questions about themselves, just be a human. One human to another. Then once you build that rapport, they will likely ask you what you do. At that point you will know if what you do could be helpful for them. And then, once the relationship has been built a bit, then you can ask them if they are open to hearing about what you do. Build the relationship first and they will be much more open to learning about your opportunity after.

That’s 4 tips for growing your business on Facebook. If you found this helpful and want to learn more about Attraction Marketing, join our next FREE 5 day Facebook Challenge Group starting soon.  CLICK HERE to get signed up for the next group. We would love to have you join us.

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