Do you know who your target market is for your home business? Having a well-defined target market is very important. You can’t target everyone. You can compete easier if you know  who you want and who you need to advertise to.

Many network marketing businesses say to target anyone who gets within 3 feet of you and everyone online.  This is too general and too broad. You need to pinpoint exactly who you want to market to and get very specific. This will give you a better chance at reaching the right people and growing your business quicker without tons of advertising dollars just grasping for straws out there everywhere on the internet.

Targeting a specific market does not mean that you are excluding people who do not fit your criteria. Sometimes people not in your target market will buy from you, but it doesn’t happen as often. So, target marketing allows you to focus your advertising dollars and tailor your message to a group of people that are more likely to buy from you.

So maybe you are still confused on what target market you want to market to for your business. Here are a few ways that should help you narrow it down.

1. Who are your current customers?

Who has already bought from you? Why do they buy from you? Take a look at common characteristics and interests. It is very likely that other people who are like them could also benefit from your product/service. Maybe even ask your current customers why they bought from you. That may give you a clearer picture.

2. What is your business niche?

Let’s say for example that you are in health and wellness. Who would benefit the most from your particular business? If it’s health and wellness, then maybe your target market is people who want to lose weight or people who want to eat healthier or remove toxins from their home with all natural products. Whatever that is for you, think about who would buy your product in particular.

3. Who do you want to help?

Your answer cannot be everyone. You have to really pinpoint who it is you want to help and who even needs what you have to offer. Let’s use the health and wellness example again. Maybe you figured out that you want to help people who need to lose weight. OK, so is that anyone who wants to lose weight? Or maybe it’s stay at home moms? Or working moms? Or baby boomers who are retiring and want to live longer and take better care of their health? Or maybe it is men who want to build muscle? A certain age group? A certain location in the world? You have to pinpoint and get very precise with who you want to help.

Defining your target market is tough but worth it. Once you know who you are targeting, it is much easier to figure out how to reach them. Instead of placing an ad on Facebook, for example, and having no defined audience, you will have a specific audience who is more likely to engage and purchase whatever you are selling. You will save money and get a better return on your investment by defining your target audience.

So I encourage you to start working on that today if you are unsure who your target audience is in your business. And get very specific, then start promoting to that group and watch out. You will get better results.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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Stop comparing yourself to other network marketers. The game of comparison is dangerous for your business. We’re all different and we’re all on our own journey.

Most home business owners will look at other successful home business owners and start comparing. Well maybe Julie got 10 sign ups her first week in business and you have been in a month and haven’t gotten any. There starts the comparison. There starts your belief that you aren’t as good, and there starts the belief that you’re gonna fail.

As a result, your self-esteem is lowered, doubt creeps in your mind, and you start to second guess the business. It is a dead end road that leads to failure.

We are all designed to be good at different things, with different personalities. Some people are good at time management, some are not. Some are good at keeping organized. Some are not. Some are great leaders, some are better at serving. Some have developed more skill through training and others have not gotten that far yet. You cannot compare those things.

So, if you want to succeed in business, then stop comparing yourself to the other network marketers. Definitely stop comparing yourself to the top earners if you’re new. The only person you need to compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.

Also, you probably don’t know their whole story. Maybe if someone signed up 10 their first week, maybe they talked to 500 to get there. Maybe you only talked to 10.

You don’t know how much rejection they got, how much work they did, or what struggles they had to overcome in order to reach that number.

You most likely already have enough pressure in life. Do not put this added pressure on yourself. My advice is to study the successful people, find out what they learned to become successful, find systems and strategies that can speed up the process, never give up, stay consistent and stop comparing yourself to other people.

I want to leave you today with the famous words of Dr. Suess. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

So be yourself, work your business and stop comparing.

If this was helpful to someone, you can listen to my Morning Mindset Move each weekday morning on Facebook.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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How Many No’s Are You Willing to Go Through to Get to the Yes? Are you getting disappointed due to rejection over and over?


Here is the honest truth. If you want to be a top earner in network marketing, you are going to have to go through hundreds and likely thousands of prospects during your home business career.

If you become emotionally attached to each yes or no, you will have a long road ahead of you. Or actually most likely  a very short road because you will probably quit before you succeed.

Getting nos is just a part of getting to your next yes. You couldn’t build a successful business without getting rejection and people saying no. The key is to learn not to take it personally.

A lot of new network marketers struggle because they are addicted to the approval of others. They feel like their  success completely depends on someone saying yes or no. Instead of just sharing their business, they have their whole emotional well being based on if their prospect says yes or no.

When you are emotionally attached to the outcome of your conversations with prospects and addicted to the approval of each one, it will make building a successful business  much harder and mostly impossible.

Here are 2 ways to detach your emotions from the outcome.

1.Take personal responsibility. One specific person joining your business won’t mean the success or failure of your business. True leaders decide to be successful. It’s a decision. They take personal responsibility for their success, and if they are getting a lot of no’s, they invest into their training. Which leads me to number 2.

2. Invest in yourself and your training. As you do, you will get better at asking the  right questions, have a stronger posture and getting the sale. You will also                    develop the mindset that keeps you stronger throughout the no’s .

You need to look at each new prospect in 2 ways. Half as the next top income earner in your business, and other half that they are going to quit the next day.  When you become emotionally attached to every single person, whether they do anything or not, can cause you a lot of stress and frustration. And it causes people to quit.

Understand that you can only work with the willing and build through the ones who are ready to take it to the next level. Take personal responsibility to get things done regardless of who does or doesn’t do what it takes, and you can build a successful business without letting the ones who say no get you down and make you quit.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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An email list is basically a list of the people who have in some way showed interest in your business, maybe filled out a form to get more information, or maybe even a current customer. It’s your lead list. It’s also your lifeline in business.

Now, you may be thinking that email is a thing of the past, but it’s not. I know many many people who still check their emails daily and many who prefer contact via email. Your “list” is your database of these people who you can contact with your marketing messages and communications for your business.

So that’s what an email list is. Now, why do you need it for your business?

There are many reasons you want to have a list, but I’m only sharing 4 with you today.

1. You own your email list. No one can take it away from you. You don’t own your search engine rankings, or your social media profiles. You don’t own Facebook and Twitter. You could lose those accounts at any time, but you do own your list. There are two things online that are truly yours. Your blog or website and your list.

2. An email list is the cheapest way to communicate with a large audience at one time. Let’s use AWeber’s pricing as an example. For $30 a month they’ll let you send unlimited messages to a list of up to 5,000 people. Say you send one email a week to your list. That’s 20,000 messages for $30 –crazy cheap!

3. People prefer email as a communication channel for commercial messages.

  • According to Merkle, a customer relationship marketing agency, 74% of online adults prefer email for commercial communication.
  • According to Exact Target, “email is preferred over text and messenger for communications. 51% said they preferred email, while only 13% preferred social media and 36% preferred text.— An email is preferred for business messages.

4. People Buy From Emails. People are more likely to buy from an email they get than from a link in a text or a message you send them on social media. It just feels more real. People trust you more if you are sending weekly emails or newsletters. That builds trust over time and they will feel more confident in buying from you and many times will click and then purchase right from that email.

So that is just 4 reasons you need to be building a list online and sending out weekly emails and newsletters to your list. Add to the list daily as you are growing your business. You will see your list grow as well as your income.

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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Do you feel like you are losing motivation in your home business? Does it just seem like you can never get ahead? The truth is, we get so caught up in trying to build a business, make a sale, grow a downline, and grow an income, that sometimes we lose focus on the right things.

We take on the mindset of how am I going to “get” someone to buy something. How am I going to “get” leads to follow me, how am I going to “get” people on my team to work. It’s all about the “get” when it should be about the “give”.


Remember the quote “If you help enough people get what they want, you will always get what you want”? Help others get. We tend to put the focus on what we get. Our business will not grow if we are focusing on us and what we want and what we can “get”.

When you place the focus on you, your motivation is out of whack.

I mean, I guess you can build a business focusing on just yourself and what you can “get” out of it, but it will never be fulfilling. You lose motivation quickly when the focus is on you. If your focus is on you, you start to feel empty and your motivation dies. And if you don’t have motivation, your business slowly dies.

But if you place the focus on others and what you can do for them, you then have purpose and your motivation builds and stays strong. When you focus on “What Can I do for them?” or “What can I give to them?”, then your purpose becomes more clear and you become more focused on what is important, which is other people.

When you contribute to others and focus on helping others, you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, your confidence is stronger. And when you sincerely care about helping other people, a passion grows in you and you will want to do it more and more. And the more people you help, the faster your business grows.

I hope you can find your motivation today through what you can give to others and how you can help your team members and prospects,  and in that giving, you’ll find that things will  start to fall into place for you. Stop focusing on what you can get, and focus on what you can give today!

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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Are you ready to Go Pro? Do you even know what that means? Are you struggling in your network marketing business and just don’t know how to get past the hurdles that are keeping you stuck?

If that is you, then you are who I want to talk to today. Making The Decision to Go Pro in Your Network Marketing Business is exactly that, a decision.


This morning I was reading a couple chapters in Go Pro by Eric Worre. I’ve read this one a couple times. If you don’t have this, get it. It is one of the best books for network marketing. So, in chapter 2 he talks about the 3 types of people who start into Network Marketing. The poser, the amateur, and the professional.

Here’s a breakdown of the 3.

The poser treats it like a lottery ticket hoping to hit it big with very little effort. The posers usually quits fairly quickly. These are the folks who will call it a scam or a pyramid scheme or other negatives. They will say things like these things never work, I am just not a sales person, I don’t know enough people, etc. And then they quit.

The amateur focuses on too many different things, they will hop from one idea to the next and one company to the next. They are mainly hoping to find the right two to three people who will blow the roof off their business and in turn make them a millionaire. The amateur will make a few sales, but more often than not, they will get frustrated and quit. Most people get into Network Marketing with the mindset that it is all about how many people you know. This is how the amateur thinks. If they don’t know a lot of people, many times they feel like they cannot succeed. That does sound logical, but it is not true at all in Network Marketing.

Posers and Amateurs Make Up 98% of The Network Marketing Industry

Then, there is the professional. Now, not many of us get started and become the professional overnight. I definitely did not. Usually we start as the poser, when we figure out that don’t work, you either quit or decide that you better step up your game. Then you become the amateur, until the same thing happens and you either get frustrated and quit or again, decide that you need to up your game. Then you grow into the professional if you don’t quit. The professional makes a decision to “Go Pro”, and then they finally start seeing success. It’s a decision. That’s all. And anyone in network marketing can make that decision.

Your success or failure is completely tied up in a decision. You make a decision to become a student of the industry and learn from leaders, you make a decision that you will stay consistent and never give up. You make a decision to implement what you learn as you go. You make a decision to take the focus off of you and put your focus on helping others succeed and grow in their business. That’s how you become a professional in network marketing.

So make a decision to invest today into YOU and into your business by investing into your training and growing your skill set and then implementing what you learn. Make a decision to Go Pro.

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To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


Are you new to the network marketing industry and wondering how you are going to get your feet wet and start making sales?

Have you started the process of creating your list of 100 and calling everyone you know? Have you scheduled your first party or booked your first event? Do you feel very uncomfortable and also like a slimy car salesman every time you even think about calling someone else to try to sell them your product or service?

There is a better way!


Promoting your product or opportunity can be disastrous in 2 ways. First of all, it’s annoying to people around you when you are constantly trying to sell them your product, service or opportunity. People feel like they are being sold to, and in the end you don’t make enough sales to keep it afloat. Not only that, after a while, people will start to avoid you as well if all you talk about is your company when you are around them. Here’s the second way that leads to disaster when you are promoting a specific company: What happens to you when that businesses dies? Network Marketing companies close shop all the time. Many startups last a year or two and fail and even some of the longstanding companies close after so many years. So if you are only promoting their products or services, your business is done for when they close up shop.

But, if you work on growing and building your brand around you and who you are, then when your company goes out of business, it won’t affect you as much. This is because the people following you are following YOU, not a company or a product or a service, and they will be more likely to go with you wherever you go next.

Branding yourself online is also one of the best ways to generate a never-ending stream of leads and sales for your products, service or business because people buy from people, not companies. They buy from people. They follow people. So if you brand you, and start giving value to people, they will follow you no matter what network marketing company you are in.

Branding yourself is also an awesome alternative to doing old-school methods like hounding your warm market, home parties and hotel meetings. You begin to attract people to you instead of you chasing them. That’s the power of attraction marketing.

BUT….if you’re brand new in business or you’re not the online expert yet…you’re probably thinking:

‘Who the heck is going to listen to me?’

The truth is that people will want to hear what you have to say if you are willing to do these 3 things.

  1. Start learning from the leaders in your niche and then implement as you go. You don’t have to know it all but you do have to start. Start with what you do know. As you learn, teach others. If you have been in network marketing 2 days, that is two days longer than the person who isn’t in yet. So you do know a bit more than them. So teach what you know and keep learning daily.
  2. Be sincere and be real. Don’t try to act like you know it all or are already making 6 figures. Be real. You can say you are just starting out and learning as you go. You don’t have to say you’re broke or you haven’t made money, but also don’t mislead people into believing you are further than you are. People respect honesty and realness.
  3. Stay consistent. Do the work every day. If you are inconsistent people will notice. So whether you want to grow your business by blogging, YouTube, Facebook Live, or whatever, stay consistent and keep putting valuable content out each and every week. If you disappear for a week or two, you take a chance on losing the audience you have gained.

So how do you get started branding you and growing your presence online? I have system I have used for a few months and I want to share it with you. It has made all the difference in the world with my business. If you want to build your business online and build your brand and your audience, you need a system to help you learn and strategies that will teach you step by step easy proven ways to do just that. You can get that system HERE. Take advantage of our trial offer and if you implement as you learn, you can have leads as early as tomorrow! Don’t put off your future one more day!

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner