How To Achieve Your Long Term Goals Faster

So you have goals, big goals for your business, right? Does it feel like it is taking forever to get there? Do you constantly wonder how can you get there faster?

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I know many of you in a home business have goals to get to $10,000 a month with your business or even $100,000 a month right? Some pretty extreme goals. And that’s all well and good , but many times you are setting yourself up for failure by thinking too far ahead. Too big too fast.

You can set yourself up for success by setting some short term goals first. Like I have said before, it is called building a business for a reason. We build piece by piece, one person at a time. So what do I mean when I say to build short term goals first?  In order for you to create long term results in your business, you have to set short term attainable goals that you take step by step, one day at a time. This will eventually get you to those long term goals. This was maybe not the answer you were wanting, but it’s the absolute truth.

Let me explain. OK, so for example you have joined this company, whatever home business it is, and you have business expenses right? Because any real business owner has business expenses. This could be your monthly auto-ship, or maybe you want to place a couple small ads a month; maybe you want to get some business cards. Whatever it is,  you are going to have some business expenses. Your very first goal needs to be to make enough to cover your expenses. That’s probably a couple hundred a month. That should be your very first goal, to break even. That way anything else is pure profit.

Your next short term goal could be this. How much money do I need to make every single month to be able to replace my job? You have to decide what that number is. So let’s say that number is $2000 a month. In order for you to leave your job, maybe you need to replace that income. So that would be your next short term goal. To get to the point to where you can leave that job. Or maybe you are already a stay at home mom and you need an extra $500 a month just to take the pressure off your husband, then that needs to be your goal, getting to that $500 plus business expenses a month. What you need to figure out is what that number is for you and then start there.

Your next goal might be something like this. What do I need to make each month to pay for all my household expenses and retire my spouse as well as myself? That is the number that will be the real start of time and money freedom for you. Maybe its $5000. Maybe $5000 a month would bring both you and your spouse home from a job. That’s your 3rd short term goal.

Maybe your next goal is to vacation or give to charity or to be able to save quickly and buy a new car with cash. To be able to do all those things you might need $8000 a month? It will vary depending on your family’s need and goals. Whatever this number is, that’s your freedom number. The number that will truly retire you both, let you vacation when and where you want, buy things you want without going into debt, paying off debt, giving to charitable organizations, whatever real freedom looks like to you. This is your freedom number.

But you have to hit those smaller short term goals, before you can begin to hit the bigger ones.  These short term goals will lead into the long term vision you have if you focus, stay consistent, follow directions and set short term attainable goals as well as the long term ones.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you build a house? One brick at a time. Goal setting is highly important for your business. If you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it right? So aim at something! But make sure you set short term goals first along with the long term. It’s OK to dream big!  So dream big and plan big, but be sure to give yourself some grace, set small specific goals and celebrate when you hit each one. You will soon start to see more successes and you will be able to go farther than you ever imagined possible!

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Genean Roberts

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