5 Tips for Growing Your Network Marketing Business Online

With all the clutter and congestion out there on the World Wide Web, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated when growing your business. We all want a easy, quick, profitable business but most of the time that is not how it works. Most of the time, it takes a lot of work, hard work. Not only hard work, but consistency and perseverance in the midst of what feels like defeat. It may take work, but it is so worth it if you don’t quit.

Today, I wanted to give you just a few tips that have helped me while growing my network marketing business online. This comes from experience, failure, and learning along the way for me. Here are 5 things that are important when building your business online.

1.Don’t lie. Don’t lie to yourself or others. If you are brand new don’t be afraid to say that. If you have failed in business a bunch of times, don’t be afraid to say it. Document your journey as you go. People want to see you grow and want to know your successes and failures along the way. Your story will help you grow your business. Share your vision share your goals. But don’t fake it till you make it.

2.Figure out your budget. When you are broke and just starting out, it’s a little difficult to have any advertising budget and you can do a lot of things for free, but having a budget set aside each month is vital. My advice is to give up the Starbucks a couple times a week or stop eating out or find things you are buying that you don’t really need. You have to decide if your business is worth it to sacrifice other things. It can be $20 a month, or $100 a month starting out. This could be for FB ads, or other types of ads or your monthly autoship to qualify for commission in whatever business you are in. You need to have this budget set for these things.. You can do it. It’s about priorities. Is growing your business a priority more so than Starbucks or eating at Applebees every week or whatever it is? You have to invest into your business. Look at it as an investment. Set your budget. You can start small, but start somewhere.

3.Personal Development. Listen to free training. This is highly important. Most of us have this taught to us when we are young that we have to work and trade time for wages. You go to school, get a good job, and work 30-40 years and retire with barely enough to survive. That’s the American dream? There is a better way. Building a business will still take work, it will still be hard, but it’s so much better than working for someone else on their time. Time and Money freedom is possible but you have to change what’s between your ears before you will ever have enough belief to go after it. Free training is all over the internet. There are tons of YouTube videos and free training programs. http://www.smarternetworker.com is an amazing place to start for free mindset training to shift you into an entrepreneur mindset. We have been using Dani Johnson training for a few years and it has completely changed how we think about business. Personal development is vital. That really needs to be number one in your business.

4.Use free platforms that help automate your business. This could be buffer.com, manageflitter.com, plugg.io, or other similar websites. Start researching all the ways to automate your social media posts. There are so many free options that can really help save time in your business. Post valuable info on all social media sites, do FB Live videos like this one, post videos on Youtube, post in forums. There are many options for free online. Use them to grow your lead base.

5. Stop trying to learn everything at once. Find one or two ways you want to grow your business and master those ways. If you focus on too much at one time you will be much more likely to get frustrated and quit. You don’t have to become an overnight pro at every platform out there. Find one or two and master it. Whether that is focusing on FB lives and learning how to do them well and gain an audience, or growing your Twitter or Instagram following. Whatever it is, only do a couple at a time, and master them before going on to the next thing. Ask yourself questions such as what you’re good at, how do you want your business presented? Do you want to do videos? Do you want to write blog posts? What is it you want to learn to do and master? Only you can decide that.Decide and go at it with everything you have.

So, those are my 5 tips. I hope you got some value out of this. If you did, I also want to invite you to a free 5 day Facebook Challenge group that will be starting on January 8th. It is called the 2018 Facebook and Twitter Prospecting Challenge. Each day I will go live in this group and teach one way to prospect on FB and Twitter that will generate leads. I also plan to do some Linked In and YouTube training in the group as well. If you want to join our group and start your 2018 with a strong base to grow your business, simply go here to sign up.

2018 will be my best year yet in business. Will it be yours? It’s your choice. I hope you decide to make it your best year.

To our success,
Genean Roberts
Online Marketer and Home Business Owner

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