3 Income Producing Activities That Every Network Marketer Needs to Do

We can get so caught up in time wasters and don’t do the things that grow the business. I have been so guilty of this. Can anyone else relate?

If this is you, please comment below so I know I am not the only one who does this. Whether it’s scrolling Facebook or watching TV or whatever it is that takes away from your business, if we aren’t doing income producing activities, our businesses will not grow in 2018. Most likely they will die in 2018 if we do not take all out massive action!

Most network marketers start a new business with no game plan. Most just follow what their company tells them to do. Make a list of 100 family and friends, call everyone you know, post it on your social media, do home parties and invite everyone you know, buy leads and call them, and other things that aren’t very effective and won’t really grow your business long term.  You might make some sales here and there and it might work for some people, but for most, they end up quitting out of frustration. Has that been you before? It has definitely been me many times.

So, how can we get long term results in our business and keep it growing month after month without feeling like we are pushing a product on people and without getting discouraged and giving up? The answer is daily income producing activities. You need a road map for your first 90 days of 2018. Do you have a plan in place? Are your goals set? If not, use the next week to get specific and write them down. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And a man without a vision will perish. Set your goals for your business and then do these income producing activities every day.

1. Figure out your target market and where to find them. You have to know who you want on your team. It is not everyone, not everyone will be qualified to work with you. Is it work at home moms or professional business people? or is it people who need to lose weight or get healthier?  You have to discover your target market and decide who you want to promote your business to and then figure out where you want to find them. Do you want to find them by doing Facebook Lives, maybe marketing on Twitter, maybe you want to blog? Whatever it is, decide who and where and then go for it with everything you have.

2. Run an ad to that target market. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Maybe $15-$30. You can do a Facebook ad or Linked In or Twitter ad. And you can choose who you want to see the ad. There are options to pick demographics, and whether you want to promote to male or female or both. You can also choose if you want to find people based on specific interests such as moms in stay at home mom groups, or people already in entrepreneur groups, or maybe you are in health and wellness, you can specify in your ad that you want to focus on people in weight loss groups, or holistic groups, or whatever it is that is your niche market.

3. Start conversations on Facebook Messenger every day with 10 people. This could be new friends that have added you on Facebook, it could be people you know well. Either way, just connect in a friendly way with 10 every day. That will make a difference in how much interest you gain in your business. Now, don’t contact them with the intention of prospecting them immediately, don’t go in with a sales pitch, remember it is about building relationships and finding a real need. After a couple conversations you will likely know if what you have is what they need. At that point, you can see if they are open to hearing more about what you do.

Those are my 3 tips for you today. If those were helpful, I would love to give you a free PDF download that I created this week that will help you stay focused in the new year. It’s called Income Producing Activity To-Do list for the Network Marketing Professional. You can get that here.  It’s completely free. My gift to you.

Also, starting January 8th we are having a 5 day Facebook Social Media Lead Generation challenge group starting Monday and running through Friday. For those of you in business or those of you wanting to start a business, you are welcome to join us for free. It is not company specific and it is not a place for promoting your business, but it is a place for learning how to grow your business in 2018 regardless of what business you are in. If you want to join our group, sign up here. 

With hard work, dedication and consistency, 2018 can and will be your best year yet in business. Here’s to you!

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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  1. I am in the internet biz now for seven months, I am making progress towards monetizing my brand. But what I found is that 80 % of my time was spent (though not wasted) following links that were counter-productive. It takes time to tell a true value from a fake one and there are lots of fakes around this industry nowadays!

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