The Procrastination Killer for Network Marketers

Are you like me and struggle with procrastination in your business? Maybe, like me, you have been known to do the activities you enjoy and put off the activities that aren’t as fun, even if they are money makers? Things such as making phone calls to prospects? Or following up to messages from prospects? Those are not the fun part of running a home business, but they are vital to your success.

So how do you fight the urge to procrastinate? How do you get past the struggle of not wanting to do the boring or sometimes scary things? You take action. Action is the procrastination killer. Action is the only thing that will get the job done, take away the fear and completely annihilate the procrastination. Action.

Maybe you are asking how to do that. Or maybe your saying things like it’s easier said than done. or that’s easy for her to say. Maybe all of these thoughts are running through your head as you read this. But the fact is, I am writing from experience. I am writing from a place of disappointment in myself. However, the difference in success and failure is whether you are willing to stand back up, dust yourself off, and try again.

That’s what I do every time. I get back up. A successful business is not all success, there are more failures than successes. Failure is what helps us grow and what shows us what not to do the next time. Failure is a vital key to success. I have failed many, many times, so therefore, I am qualified to succeed and to teach others how to succeed. And if you have failed in business before, so are you!

it's hard to beat a person who never gives up. (1)

So how do we succeed? By never giving up and never giving in to defeat, but most of all by taking ACTION. Call the leads, message the prospects, place the ads, write the blog posts, add the FB content, whatever you aren’t doing, just do it. And do it today. The best way to kill procrastination is to act and act quickly before you talk yourself out of it.

Time Management is the step to action. Setting a schedule is important, following the schedule is even more important. If you put on the schedule that you are going to make calls to your prospects from 10am-11am every day, don’t make excuses to wait. I know you do it because I have done it and still do it sometimes. Making calls is the most non-fun part of a network marketing business, but we know the fortune is in the followup. What happens if we don’t follow up? We lose the fortune. So, my question to you is this. How badly do you want the fortune? Do you want it bad enough to kill procrastination and take massive action?

Personal Development on a daily basis is also a step toward action. Mindset is crucial to your success. Negativity breeds negativity. Negative self talk such as “it probably won’t work anyway” or “I’m just not a good salesperson” is a business killer. Doubt and fear are a huge cause of procrastination. Personal Development kills fear and doubt and builds confidence and belief. Listen or read daily to really start making that mindset shift that is vital to your business and will help you kill procrastination and take action. My favorite is Dani Johnson. You can take a free 30 day bootcamp here.

Whatever you do, don’t let this thing called procrastination kill your business and kill your dreams. We are almost into a new year. Will your 2018 be better than your 2017? It’s up to you. Take action friends!

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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