How To Achieve Your Long Term Goals Faster

So you have goals, big goals for your business, right? Does it feel like it is taking forever to get there? Do you constantly wonder how can you get there faster?

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I know many of you in a home business have goals to get to $10,000 a month with your business or even $100,000 a month right? Some pretty extreme goals. And that’s all well and good , but many times you are setting yourself up for failure by thinking too far ahead. Too big too fast.

You can set yourself up for success by setting some short term goals first. Like I have said before, it is called building a business for a reason. We build piece by piece, one person at a time. So what do I mean when I say to build short term goals first?  In order for you to create long term results in your business, you have to set short term attainable goals that you take step by step, one day at a time. This will eventually get you to those long term goals. This was maybe not the answer you were wanting, but it’s the absolute truth.

Let me explain. OK, so for example you have joined this company, whatever home business it is, and you have business expenses right? Because any real business owner has business expenses. This could be your monthly auto-ship, or maybe you want to place a couple small ads a month; maybe you want to get some business cards. Whatever it is,  you are going to have some business expenses. Your very first goal needs to be to make enough to cover your expenses. That’s probably a couple hundred a month. That should be your very first goal, to break even. That way anything else is pure profit.

Your next short term goal could be this. How much money do I need to make every single month to be able to replace my job? You have to decide what that number is. So let’s say that number is $2000 a month. In order for you to leave your job, maybe you need to replace that income. So that would be your next short term goal. To get to the point to where you can leave that job. Or maybe you are already a stay at home mom and you need an extra $500 a month just to take the pressure off your husband, then that needs to be your goal, getting to that $500 plus business expenses a month. What you need to figure out is what that number is for you and then start there.

Your next goal might be something like this. What do I need to make each month to pay for all my household expenses and retire my spouse as well as myself? That is the number that will be the real start of time and money freedom for you. Maybe its $5000. Maybe $5000 a month would bring both you and your spouse home from a job. That’s your 3rd short term goal.

Maybe your next goal is to vacation or give to charity or to be able to save quickly and buy a new car with cash. To be able to do all those things you might need $8000 a month? It will vary depending on your family’s need and goals. Whatever this number is, that’s your freedom number. The number that will truly retire you both, let you vacation when and where you want, buy things you want without going into debt, paying off debt, giving to charitable organizations, whatever real freedom looks like to you. This is your freedom number.

But you have to hit those smaller short term goals, before you can begin to hit the bigger ones.  These short term goals will lead into the long term vision you have if you focus, stay consistent, follow directions and set short term attainable goals as well as the long term ones.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you build a house? One brick at a time. Goal setting is highly important for your business. If you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it right? So aim at something! But make sure you set short term goals first along with the long term. It’s OK to dream big!  So dream big and plan big, but be sure to give yourself some grace, set small specific goals and celebrate when you hit each one. You will soon start to see more successes and you will be able to go farther than you ever imagined possible!

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To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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3 Income Producing Activities That Every Network Marketer Needs to Do

We can get so caught up in time wasters and don’t do the things that grow the business. I have been so guilty of this. Can anyone else relate?

If this is you, please comment below so I know I am not the only one who does this. Whether it’s scrolling Facebook or watching TV or whatever it is that takes away from your business, if we aren’t doing income producing activities, our businesses will not grow in 2018. Most likely they will die in 2018 if we do not take all out massive action!

Most network marketers start a new business with no game plan. Most just follow what their company tells them to do. Make a list of 100 family and friends, call everyone you know, post it on your social media, do home parties and invite everyone you know, buy leads and call them, and other things that aren’t very effective and won’t really grow your business long term.  You might make some sales here and there and it might work for some people, but for most, they end up quitting out of frustration. Has that been you before? It has definitely been me many times.

So, how can we get long term results in our business and keep it growing month after month without feeling like we are pushing a product on people and without getting discouraged and giving up? The answer is daily income producing activities. You need a road map for your first 90 days of 2018. Do you have a plan in place? Are your goals set? If not, use the next week to get specific and write them down. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And a man without a vision will perish. Set your goals for your business and then do these income producing activities every day.

1. Figure out your target market and where to find them. You have to know who you want on your team. It is not everyone, not everyone will be qualified to work with you. Is it work at home moms or professional business people? or is it people who need to lose weight or get healthier?  You have to discover your target market and decide who you want to promote your business to and then figure out where you want to find them. Do you want to find them by doing Facebook Lives, maybe marketing on Twitter, maybe you want to blog? Whatever it is, decide who and where and then go for it with everything you have.

2. Run an ad to that target market. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Maybe $15-$30. You can do a Facebook ad or Linked In or Twitter ad. And you can choose who you want to see the ad. There are options to pick demographics, and whether you want to promote to male or female or both. You can also choose if you want to find people based on specific interests such as moms in stay at home mom groups, or people already in entrepreneur groups, or maybe you are in health and wellness, you can specify in your ad that you want to focus on people in weight loss groups, or holistic groups, or whatever it is that is your niche market.

3. Start conversations on Facebook Messenger every day with 10 people. This could be new friends that have added you on Facebook, it could be people you know well. Either way, just connect in a friendly way with 10 every day. That will make a difference in how much interest you gain in your business. Now, don’t contact them with the intention of prospecting them immediately, don’t go in with a sales pitch, remember it is about building relationships and finding a real need. After a couple conversations you will likely know if what you have is what they need. At that point, you can see if they are open to hearing more about what you do.

Those are my 3 tips for you today. If those were helpful, I would love to give you a free PDF download that I created this week that will help you stay focused in the new year. It’s called Income Producing Activity To-Do list for the Network Marketing Professional. You can get that here.  It’s completely free. My gift to you.

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With hard work, dedication and consistency, 2018 can and will be your best year yet in business. Here’s to you!

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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The Procrastination Killer for Network Marketers

Are you like me and struggle with procrastination in your business? Maybe, like me, you have been known to do the activities you enjoy and put off the activities that aren’t as fun, even if they are money makers? Things such as making phone calls to prospects? Or following up to messages from prospects? Those are not the fun part of running a home business, but they are vital to your success.

So how do you fight the urge to procrastinate? How do you get past the struggle of not wanting to do the boring or sometimes scary things? You take action. Action is the procrastination killer. Action is the only thing that will get the job done, take away the fear and completely annihilate the procrastination. Action.

Maybe you are asking how to do that. Or maybe your saying things like it’s easier said than done. or that’s easy for her to say. Maybe all of these thoughts are running through your head as you read this. But the fact is, I am writing from experience. I am writing from a place of disappointment in myself. However, the difference in success and failure is whether you are willing to stand back up, dust yourself off, and try again.

That’s what I do every time. I get back up. A successful business is not all success, there are more failures than successes. Failure is what helps us grow and what shows us what not to do the next time. Failure is a vital key to success. I have failed many, many times, so therefore, I am qualified to succeed and to teach others how to succeed. And if you have failed in business before, so are you!

it's hard to beat a person who never gives up. (1)

So how do we succeed? By never giving up and never giving in to defeat, but most of all by taking ACTION. Call the leads, message the prospects, place the ads, write the blog posts, add the FB content, whatever you aren’t doing, just do it. And do it today. The best way to kill procrastination is to act and act quickly before you talk yourself out of it.

Time Management is the step to action. Setting a schedule is important, following the schedule is even more important. If you put on the schedule that you are going to make calls to your prospects from 10am-11am every day, don’t make excuses to wait. I know you do it because I have done it and still do it sometimes. Making calls is the most non-fun part of a network marketing business, but we know the fortune is in the followup. What happens if we don’t follow up? We lose the fortune. So, my question to you is this. How badly do you want the fortune? Do you want it bad enough to kill procrastination and take massive action?

Personal Development on a daily basis is also a step toward action. Mindset is crucial to your success. Negativity breeds negativity. Negative self talk such as “it probably won’t work anyway” or “I’m just not a good salesperson” is a business killer. Doubt and fear are a huge cause of procrastination. Personal Development kills fear and doubt and builds confidence and belief. Listen or read daily to really start making that mindset shift that is vital to your business and will help you kill procrastination and take action. My favorite is Dani Johnson. You can take a free 30 day bootcamp here.

Whatever you do, don’t let this thing called procrastination kill your business and kill your dreams. We are almost into a new year. Will your 2018 be better than your 2017? It’s up to you. Take action friends!

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner


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7 Time Management Tips for Network Marketers- How to Get More Done in Less Time

How we manage our time every day is vital to our success as a network marketer, and also to our success as a parent and spouse. For me, it has been one of the absolute hardest things to conquer. I am a red personality and for those of you other reds out there, I am sure you feel me on this. We get a little over-dedicated with our business, we become workaholics, we are fully motivated by the challenge and the money, and we do not manage our time well at all. We live and breathe work and neglect other things in our life. (If you don’t know your personality color and the characteristics that go with it, you can take the quiz here.) I used to struggle with this quite a bit, and still do at times, but have learned a few things along the way and I just wanted to pass them along.

Now, regardless of whether you are still working outside the home and building your business part-time, or if you are now full time in your business; the truth is that it doesn’t matter. I have done both. I have worked a full time job while running my business and I have been a full time work at home mom running my business. I found that without effective time management, I still did not get what I needed to done and I wasted time regardless. So having more time does not guarantee that you will use it wisely, or that you will grow your business because you have more time. It’s how you use the time that matters.

If you have ever felt like you aren’t using your time in the best way, this may help you. These are things I have done that have helped me manage my time better.

  1. Prioritize on paper. You need to write down your priorities in order of importance. In my home it looks like this. God, Spouse, Kids, Business or Job, Charity/Mission work. Putting it on paper is the first step to figuring out how much time needs spent on each. At that point, you determine how many hours a week you can realistically put into your home business.
  2. Set a schedule. This is HIGHLY important. I used to just do whatever and do you know what I discovered? I didn’t get much at all accomplished. It didn’t matter if I only had an hour or 8 hours, if I did not have a schedule to keep me on track, I was much less productive.
  3. Find out where you are wasting time. Write down everything you did from wake up til bedtime for the last 3 days. How much of that time was wasted? Was it on Facebook scrolling for hours? (I’ve been guilty of that too) Was it organizing emails, making spreadsheets, rearranging your desk drawers? Or any other activity that is not an income-producing activity? We have to determine what will move our business forward, and get rid of the rest of the distractions.
  4. Set time management goals. This is about changing your behaviors. For example, set a goal that for one week you will only go on Facebook 30 minutes a day only for prospecting or for the purpose of placing an ad or responding to messages about business. Any other scrolling, commenting on random stuff, or just browsing needs to be stopped for the entire week. This helps to develop discipline. So whatever your time-wasters are, set goals to eliminate them as much as possible.
  5. Use time management tools. There are apps specific to tracking time. Also use a calendar on your phone, such as Outlook or Google calender to set appointments and to schedule time for specific work activities.
  6. Delegate/Outsource. Now this normally only applies once you have grown your business to a certain level. At this point, you can outsource certain things to help you free up time to work on more productive things. Things to outsource could be daily tasks such as answering emails, sending newsletters, blog posts, placing ads, posting on social media, etc.
  7. Stop procrastinating and just do the damn work that will grow your business. I say this out of experience. I have been the one who procrastinates and puts off the things I don’t really like to do, such as making phone calls. I used to absolutely hate calling prospects, and I would find anything I could to do so that I didn’t have to make calls. Do you know what this did to my business? Seriously hindered it’s growth! The fortune is in the follow up. If we don’t follow up, we lose sales. Bottom line. Just do it!

I hope this was helpful. There are many other ways to manage your time effectively so that you don’t have to work all the time, but these are a good place to start. Life is short. Savor every day with your family and friends. Schedule your time to do your business, whether that is 1 hour a day if you still have a job, or 6-8 hours a day if you work fully for yourself. But set limits. Either way, set the times you want to work, and work those specific times. Don’t let your business own you. Live your real life and experience it, don’t spend it behind a desk all the time.

To your success friends!

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner






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Weary Network Marketer, Don’t Give Up!

I know exactly how you feel. I have been there more times than I want to admit. I have quit multiple businesses over the years because it got hard, it wasn’t working fast enough, and I felt alone much of the time with not much support from upline. If this is you, I am asking you not to quit.

I understand the frustrations, the fears, the doubt and the pain of working so hard and getting little to no results. I know that feeling well. I went through the growing pains of blaming my upline for not helping me enough. I blamed it on over-saturation, saying that the market was too full of whatever product or service I was selling at the time. I blamed it on my personality by saying I am just not a salesperson, I am not a people person, and I am not good with this kind of thing.

Over and over I was killing my own business with my own negativity and excuses. I was letting myself knock me out of my dreams and my family’s future. The answer friends, was me. I was the issue. I was the problem. Nothing else. Not the business, or the product or service. It was not my upline’s fault. I was simply unteachable and uncoachable. Is that you? If you are saying things like “I really don’t have the support I need” or “I’m just not good at this” then you aren’t getting what I am saying.

You have to get out of your own way if you want to succeed in business. You have to be willing to humble yourself, take responsibility for your own success, stop the blame game, and start learning new skills.

Lack of skill and my mindset was the problem. It wasn’t any of the previous businesses I have been in. It wasn’t my product, service or my upline. It was me and me alone. And until you get that, I mean really get it, success will continue to elude you.

3 Tips for getting over yourself and finally moving forward toward success:

  1. Research the ones who are crushing it and follow their lead. Discover what they are doing that works and repeat it. There is nothing new under the sun, friends. You reap what you sow. You attract who you are. Start becoming the person you would want to follow. Until you figure out who that is, follow in the footsteps of others and learn from them.
  2. Be consistent. You have to do the work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You cannot take weeks or months off from your business and expect it to grow. You cannot only work when you feel like it. You cannot depend on motivation to keep you going. You have to commit to being consistent. Make a list every morning of 3 things you need to do that day to move your business forward and do not go to bed until those 3 things have been completed. And never quit. If there are others in the same business making multiple 6 figures, then that is proof it can be done. Stay the course.
  3. Have enough people to talk to. Many people run through their warm market list and then just sit back and wait. Why are you waiting? Do you think people will just flock to you for no reason? It doesn’t work that way, but there are skills you can learn that will attract people to you if you follow directions and do it. Getting leads is not hard if you do it correctly, professionally, consistently, and without being spammy. Here is a great place to start generating leads the right way. Click me to learn how to get free leads online.  

To your success,

Genean Roberts

Online Marketer and Home Business Owner