Building Your Home Business- The Modern Way

Where to Find the People.

Are you in a network marketing company that you love and believe in? Are you struggling to get anyone else to join or buy your product? Did you know that almost all network marketers go through the same exact struggle?

Maybe it’s because the old ways just don’t work anymore. The Amway days of door to door sales, Fax blasting, and cold calling are no longer as effective for prospecting, at least they haven’t worked very well for me and many others I have known over the years.

Alright, so there are a few who actually make it to the top by talking to family and friends, going out and prospecting strangers and cold calling leads. But very few. And it takes a long time to build a business this way with a lot of work.

This is the age of the internet, friends. Everything is done online now. We shop online, we talk online, most people spend more time online talking to people than they do in real life. What does that tell you for your business? You are going to find the people online!

We have to go where the people are, right? You are going to find them hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, and other social media sites. That’s where you need to prospect. However, there are some very specific strategies you need to learn to be able to attract these people to you instead of feeling like you are constantly chasing them.  There are many effective ways to get these people coming to you!

Become a marketer, not a prospector. Prospecting for leads means you are searching them out, marketing is when you are attracting them to you. Learn how to start marketing on Snapchat here. 

How to Build Rapport With Your New Leads

If you don’t know what rapport means, it is simply building a relationship with someone. Asking questions to a prospect and finding their need is rapport. Many trainers teach that you should build rapport with your prospect before asking if they are open to your product or service. This is completely true, online or offline. You have to build a foundation. But…don’t stay there too long.

It is a business right? And you are in business to make sales correct? OK. So build the rapport, be sincere, find their needs, and then offer the solution. Also, don’t take it personal if they don’t get started. Your product or service is not for everyone, regardless of what your up-line tells you. It’s just not. Don’t take rejection personally, and also follow up again in a month or so.

It took me many years of training to understand the importance of building the rapport. Seriously, I am a slow learner! Don’t be like me. Start learning how to build rapport now and master it! It will pay you a lot of money later!

2 Biggest Platforms for Attraction Marketing – Blogging and FB Live

Blogging is the big dog that has been around the longest. However, blogging is slower growth. You should definitely do a blog, and post regularly, but you need to find other ways to market as well. Blogging consistently every single week will build your subscriber list and your influence online. But it is a slower process than other methods.

The hottest thing right now for getting fast leads is Facebook Live. Going live on FB gets a higher organic reach of leads, and people are more likely to click on a live video rather than a recorded one. They are also more likely to watch a live video than read a post, especially a long post.

So those are 2 great ways to start building your list of leads online, blogging for long term growth and FB Live for quicker leads. Both are great and both will grow your business.

Writing an e-book is another great way to give people value and draw them to you, and it’s easier than you think to do your first one. Check out this simple way to create your first e-book in one day right here.

Now go get some leads and build your dreams!

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