3 Tips on How to Handle It When Your Prospect is a Turd

If you have ever been in Network Marketing for any amount of time, you will find out rather quickly that not everyone is pleasant and some are down right mean. Whether you are working leads you generate on your blog, calling paid leads, talking to leads on social media, hanging flyers, or however you promote your opportunity, you will encounter turds.

Turds are the people who crap on your dreams. They are negative, and they have negative things to say about our industry. They will make you think about quitting, and they can kill your confidence if you are new in the network marketing world.

Jim Rohn is one of my all time favorite personal development speakers. One of my favorite things that he said was when he was talking about his mentor, My Shoaff. He says that Mr. Shoaff told him in his early days of building his business that there are only a few really mean people in the world, they just move around a LOT.  Haha. This helped him to gain a greater perspective. After that, if someone was mean to him, he would just tell himself there are just a few more out there like you and he would move on.

We have to be able to protect ourselves against turds! Don’t give these turds the power to destroy your business! (If you cannot tell by now, I just like saying the word turd. Don’t judge me!)

Let me help you with 3 ways to stop the turds from killing your business.

  1. Personal Development – Mindset really is everything. You cannot change the turd, but you can change you. Dive into personal development DAILY. I know you hear that all the time and you are probably tired of hearing that. I was too before I got serious and starting committing time to listen or read daily. Over time, my confidence grew, my belief grew, and my business started to grow. This is not optional if you really want to be able to succeed. A few of my favorite options are Jim Rohn, Dani Johnson, Joseph McClendon and Ray Higdon.
  2. Don’t take it personal. Some people are just against network marketing because they don’t understand the power and value of the industry. They are still stuck on the assumption that all are pyramid schemes. That’s their issue, not yours. Keep growing your business and they may come around later, they may not. Either way, just keep moving forward. Leave the turd behind in his cubicle while your grow your dreams.
  3. Whatever you do, do NOT get defensive. You will come across as desperate and needy and very unprofessional. Defensiveness will kill your shot at ever getting that sale. And it is a low-level of leadership. Rise up, stand tall and just move on. Some will, some won’t, so what….Move on.

Sometimes turds change. Sometimes they join later. I have seen experienced it. People who make fun of you for being in Network Marketing, they talk about how the prices are too high, how no one ever really makes money doing these types of things. Then, later on, they joined my business. Not everyone will, but if you stand strong, be professional and keep your posture, some will come around.

For the turds who don’t, flush them and move on.

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