Attraction Marketing and FB Lives: How to Have Enough Courage and Content To Do Them Often

How in the world could you ever come up with enough things to talk about 5 days a week on Facebook Live without constantly repeating yourself? And how do you summon up enough courage to go live in front of the world for the first time?

 1.     Jump in. So many people I talk to are terrified of going live on FB. They let fear control them and they refuse to even try. Do it afraid! Do you think that it’s easy for anyone? Everyone started somewhere. Even the big online gurus who look like they have it all together had to start somewhere. Whether that was on Facebook or on a stage or wherever, everyone has to do it afraid the first time. That’s the only way you can do it a second and third time. And guess what? It gets easier. Not only that, but you get better. That’s right! So suck it up, press that live button, and just do it. 

2.     Provide Value to the Marketplace. You need to research relevant material that can add value to someone else. Do not pitch your product or company. That is not how you build an audience or grow a business. People know when they are being sold and they step back when they feel that a sales pitch is coming. Google and find what others in the industry are talking about and follow their lead. Read current MLM blog posts and network marketing blog posts to get ideas. (I said ideas, do not plagiarize, that’s not cool at all) People pay for value. What value are you currently bringing?

3.     Make a list of things to talk about. I love lists! Many people don’t like making lists, but lists are very valuable. As you get ideas for FB Lives, or even blogs posts, write it down. Trust me, you will likely forget if you don’t. So after you research what others are doing, select one topic each day for a live and have 3 points that go along with the topic. Then just discuss when live.

4.     Keep it simple. Doing a FB Live does not have to be complex and you don’t have to know it all. People want to learn from people who are real. They want to learn from those who have had struggles. Don’t hide those struggles and try to act perfect. Be real. Be you.

5.     Ask questions. You could ask questions on your FB page or fan page to get ideas. Say something like “What is your number one struggle in your business” and then plan your Lives around those answers. Find the need of the people and fill it with a simple solution. People want and need simplicity.

6.     Be positive on your FB Lives. No complaining or whining about anything. People do not want to follow someone who is a downer. They want to follow confidence and people who lift others up. They want to follow leaders who know where they are going. So put on some posture. It doesn’t usually come naturally to us. Personal development is key to building posture. Listening daily to at least 15 minutes will make a huge difference. A few of my favorites are Dani Johnson, Jim Rohn and Joseph McClendon. 

Those are just a few ways that have helped me and I hope they have been useful to you. Now that you know how to gain courage and create valuable content, I would be glad to help you get more leads using Facebook Live. To get the free training, go here.

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