Stop Vomiting Your Business Opportunity All Over Your Facebook Page

Now before anyone gets upset, because I know you have the BEST product in the world and all the world needs it, let me explain. This was me. I am talking to myself and to you. I was just as guilty as anyone else of posting at least a couple times a day all about my products. Even when I wasn’t specifically posting about them, I was somehow integrating them in, maybe in the background of my picture or a hashtag.

Cheesy. huh? Don’t judge me, most of you all do the same thing. And I get it, you are excited about your products or service and you want the world to know. But are we giving them too much too soon? Where’s the curiosity in that? People are nosy. If we give them all the details up front, they lose interest quicker.

So, what do we do? Well, the first step is to clean up your social media profiles. Delete much of the crap you’ve posted over the last year (or more) about how everyone should join, and how this product saved your lives and healed every disease in the world, and how there is no other opportunity like it, yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. Stop it! It’s amateur at best and very annoying.

So, I was scrolling my Facebook a few weeks ago and started realizing how frustrating it is when everything I see on Facebook is someone’s sales pitch. Constantly as I scrolled down, I saw Oysters (What the hell is up with that anyway?) and I saw makeup, and jewelry parties, and leggings, and supplements, and shakes and everything in between. It got me thinking about how I basically have done the same thing for quite a while. And how annoying it must be to other people. Because all of those posts were driving me crazy.

Well honestly, I have known this for years. I have had the training multiple times from millionaires who teach you to brand yourself, to not come across salesy, to not spam people. For some reason, maybe my absolute stubborness and ego, that did not become perfectly clear to me until recently. Not too long ago I began some new training, and it is changing everything for my business.

I am learning to build MY business, which is me. We sell ourselves in business, not a product or service. “The product is people” I have heard my coach say over the years, but it really didn’t kick in until recently.  I’m a slow learner folks! And very stubborn. (Red Personality. LOL)

But I can tell you, once I started practicing that, people started coming to me. It’s called Attraction Marketing that all the gurus talk about. But I always thought it would be more difficult to brand me or honestly I felt like maybe I could never be that person who had that kind of influence. That 98%er mindset creeps back in like a ninja sometimes! But when I started taking those small steps, I started getting more interaction.

I have now been getting no less than 3 leads per day marketing me and not my company. I am learning more and more strategies and tips every day and will continue to grow as I learn and so will my business. This has been a game changer for me and my business. I will continue to grow and brand me and share with all of you.

So moral of the story is, no one wants to hear about your opportunity all the time! Make your posts meaningful, make your content valuable or at least interesting. and stop throwing up all over everyone’s news feeds, unless you want to get unfollowed or even unfriended. It’s your choice.

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