Just Because You Can, Should You Really Work More Than One Network Marketing Business?

The answer is simple. No.

Now let me tell you why. First,  it is not easy to duplicate and it’s not simple. People need simple. They need to know that you believe in what you are doing enough to help them succeed. If you are jumping from one opportunity to the next (I’ve been guilty of this) or you are trying to promote more than one, you are showing them you are not 100% dedicated to either. I met a woman a few months ago who was in 16 network marketing companies. I asked her which ones shes was a member of and she had to pull out a notebook to tell me. She was in so many she couldn’t remember.

So, the next question I asked her was how successful they were. Her answer was that they were not at all. She was making a few dollars a month at each and a couple of them were making enough to get her own products free. This is an amateur and a 98% mentality folks. There is no dedication, no purpose, no roadmap for success. She went on to tell me that she has been in network marketing for 15 years and been in probably 40 businesses altogether. Again, I asked about success. Her answer, was “Oh well, I just dabble, not really trying to get any of them big, I just like doing it”. This converts to “I suck and am not consistent and don’t want to come out and say I am a complete failure in network marketing”.  That’s the truth. (I know because I have also said similar things when I was failing in a business)

I left feeling sorry for her, knowing that with all of those years and all of the different companies and training she has had from those companies, there is no reason she shouldn’t be at six figures. She told me she works retail because she loved it. I call complete and total bullshit on that. That is ego and pride talking and inconsistency.

Now this post is not to bash this lady, it is to show you the power of one business and the power of focus and consistency in that one business. One focus. One main opportunity. Now, that’s not saying you cannot have other streams of income, but to be really successful, all the experts will tell you that you need to focus on ONE network marketing company. Not only that, but you need to brand YOU. People buy who they are attracted to, people don’t buy products, they buy people.

So find that opportunity that fits you. If you do not have one yet, I would be honored to introduce you to what I do. If you are already in a business you love, don’t jump ship. If you are in multiple network marketing companies, pick one and get serious. Network Marketing is an amazing ways to make more than a full time income while working from home part time. If you are serious, you will get consistent and stay consistent in that one business you love and believe in.

One more thing, if you are in a great business but struggling to find leads, I can help. We only have so many family and friends we can approach right? What if I could show you how to generate 3-5 leads per day for your business in your first week, would you at least want to check it out?  Comment below and I will send you a link to some completely free training.

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