How to Handle Thanksgiving as a Home Business Owner

The holidays have come upon us quickly this year as always. Of course, the older I get, the faster it goes. Ugh. Grandma said this would happen. Leaves are gone, cold weather is kicking in, pumpkin and peppermint are in the air. November and December are interesting months because that’s when you learn who is really taking their Network Marketing business seriously. Every single time, 100% of those who aren’t serious always take the holidays off and forget why they joined their business in the first place. Is that you, friend?

The reason I ask is because I used to be that girl who said, “Well it’s a bad time of year.” “I’m too busy right now” “January is better because I can start fresh”. OMG, that makes me want to kick my own ass remembering how I used to do that and the failures I had because of that mindset. So I want to help you not fall into that excuse. Honestly, if you take the holiday season off, that simply means that your Network Marketing business is a hobby. Is that what you really want? A hobby? Or do you want a thriving business? That’s a question you have to look in the mirror and seriously assess and ask yourself.

I want to help you so you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did. So here are some  network marketing tips for you, especially now as the holidays are upon us.

  1. Don’t plan in advance in your head for your family Thanksgiving dinner to be a way to convince your extended family to buy your products or join your mlm. It’s cheesy and will leave a bad taste in their mouth that no amount of wine will rinse out. Don’t engage in conversations about your product unless asked and even then, keep it super short and simple. Don’t start shoving facts and product details down their throats. Instead, listen to what is going on in your family members’ lives and then plan on following up with them in a week or so. For example, if you are in health and wellness, this is a great opportunity to discover what their health issues are. Everyone seems to talk about what all is wrong with them when they are in a group of family. Or maybe that’s just my family. LOL. Maybe one of your family members just lost a job or perhaps just needs to make some extra money. These are great things to follow up with them LATER. Not at the dinner table. But for now, just listen.
  2. Don’t give your family and friends gifts from your MLM unless they have actually requested something. It comes off as a sales pitch and a way to promote your business. Don’t do it unless there is a way for you to hide that it is from your network marketing business. For example, if health and wellness is your type of business, you could make some homemade natural products to give away, but do not do the sales pitch of how good this lotion will be because of blah blah blah.

How Not to Look Like a Complete Rookie!

Alright, so the family is in from Wisconsin and Florida and it’s time to enjoy the carving of the turkey, so this would be the perfect time to pull out some products and your autoship deals and tell everyone all about how your business and products are the best of the best and there is no other like it, right?  OMG, NO!  PLEASE NO!!!! Serious rookie mistake.

You Can Do This, But Should You?

Alright, so let’s say that someone else brings it up. Aunt Myrtle asks about that little business you started and wants to know more. You can feel the heat rising up your body, you get stupidly excited because you are going to get a sale! You just know it! Why else would Aunt Myrtle ask if she didn’t want to sign up! And then if she does, Uncle Pete and Aunt Sally will want to and then everyone else at the table will. And by the end of dinner you will be a new rank and grow your income by over $1000 a month!!!

Now, back to reality. Breathe, let the heart rate come back down. Even if Aunt Myrtle asks and even wants you to do a short presentation, don’t do it! It is a recipe for disaster and will make your family feel awkward and pressured. And it will make you look like a complete and total idiot. It is not the time. Tell Aunt Myrtle you would love to talk to her more about it after the holidays are over and schedule a time to talk. Add it to your calendar and then stop. No more business talk.

How to Keep Your Cool and Stay Professional on Thanksgiving Day.

Here are a few suggestions for you to keep your cool during Thanksgiving dinner and maybe even attract new potential customers or clients. The problem with our family is that we think we can skip things like building rapport and finding their needs just because we think we already know them well enough. But this is usually far from the truth. Ask questions in a certain way, find their needs, listen and plan to follow up. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Listen for their need. Most people miss this important step. We already discussed how family will tell you all of their problems over the dinner table and all their life complaints. Take mental notes and just listen. Not with ulterior motives, but with sincerity.
  2. Now once you mentally log all these things, write them down once the dinner is done and family is gone. Write down the health conditions, the problems, the financial burdens, and everything else they talked about. Then call them after the holidays to follow up and remind them of their need and see if they are open to looking at what you have to offer. If you show that you cared enough to sincerely listen to them over dinner, they may just listen to you when you finally do call and follow up. Do not get upset if they don’t sign up. Some will, some won’t. It’s just how it is. Just be sincere and meet them where they are.
  3. Whatever you do, restrain yourself from the sales pitch. The urge may be strong but you have to resist. Don’t tell them how much they need it. You find their need by listening. And once you discover their need, you pitch it

With all that being said, I want to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving with all the yummy food and desserts you can handle. Remember to really be present and spend quality time together this week. If anyone needs me Thursday evening, I will be on a couch somewhere in a carb coma.

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