How to Work Black Friday Effectively as a Network Marketer Without Losing Friends


There I said it. I feel better now.

As a network marketer, I can spot desperation a mile away, mainly because I have been that person many times. I have been the person who, in a desperate attempt to grow my sales, will harass, pressure, and constantly push my business on people. Do you know what it got me? Zero success and unfriending by a few people.

So as Black Friday approaches and I see many mlmers posting their latest and greatest deals trying to optimize the holiday to get some more volume in their business, I ask that you don’t be that person. Please don’t be that person. This is the day even smart network marketers get stupid and throw up all over Facebook. Don’t be that person. It may make you a few sales on Friday, but it will hurt your credibility and kill your reputation as a business person.

Most are putting flyers up with specials and deals going on this week, but is that really the smart thing to be doing to get long term customers? Even the smart people this week are forgetting what a turn off it is to hear about what a great product you have and why everyone needs it and how yours is better than the other guys. It just turns people off and it results in the exact opposite of what you need and want.

This type of marketing is amateur at best and assumes that people are ready to buy. However, most are not ready to buy until they’ve seen the value. So, how do you really get people to buy on Black Friday?

  • Don’t give away all the details on Facebook. Attraction Marketing means that you gently put hints in front of people and let them bite the hook of curiosity. Make them want to ask. Don’t give away the details all at once. Lead with the benefits of the product, not the sale that is going on. For example, if you are in health and wellness, post about what the product will do for them such as weight loss, better skin, better overall health, etc. or better yet do a FB Live video about the benefits.
  • Don’t be that guy who is posting sales 10 times a day saying how everyone better jump on the bandwagon before it goes away because they will regret not signing up with you. Don’t be that guy. It’s super annoying. Trust me, I’ve been that person. Do one post or FB live about the benefits, and then after they know the benefits, then promote the sale ONCE by responding via messenger to those who interact with the post either by liking it or commenting.
  • Focus on building relationships, not getting a sale. People know when you have ulterior motives. They can absolutely sense when you are hunting them instead of really wanting to add value to their life. Be sincere. You raise resistance any other way.
  • No begging, chasing or bugging. Develop long term thinking, not the all too common “here in the moment” mentality. To effectively build a really solid business, you have to think long term. To do this, you must develop a vision. A vision is your long term plan for your business. You see my friend; your desperation to get sales now cannot take the place of your long term vision and goals. This will lead to frustration and failure. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there quite a few times.

So these are just a few thoughts I’ve had as I’ve been on Facebook today scrolling through post after post of people promoting their “AMAZING” Black Friday offers. It’s a bit unsettling because I know I used to do the same thing not very long ago. When you know better, you can do better. So go out there and do better and grow that business like a pro.

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