Why We Decided to Home-School….

The answer isn’t really simple. There are reasons why we decided to home-school and there are reasons why we waited so long and were actually against home-school. Long story short, I was home-schooled. From 6th grade until I left and got married at age 16.  (Another story for another time. Young and Stupid.) My story is a bit different than most home-school families that I have talked with. My personal experience with home-schooling was not ideal. I had a very negative view of home school and always said I would never home-school my children.

So, my thoughts about home-school were overall negative for many years. I spent those years feeling that home-schooling was a negative experience for all children. I believed kids who were home-schooled would be unable to re-enter the real world and function normally in society, because it was tough for me.

I believed that home-schooling your children would deprive them of the social skills and the interaction they needed to be ‘normal’, to fit in with the world. Just like the picture here.  Because it was tough for me.


But you know what I have discovered over the last couple of years? Not every situation is like mine and normal is boring and fitting in is overrated. Home-schooling, if done correctly, can be a very positive experience for the children and the parents. I have met many people over the last 2 years who have home-schooled and have very respectful, unselfish, ‘normal’ kids. They are normal, healthy, happy families who decided to teach their children their values, instead of letting the public school system teach them their values.

So, I have a point. The point is,  I should not have let my personal experience of home-schooling be the deciding factor in whether I home-schooled or not. I should not have let the opinions of myself and others decide my opinion.

Over the last year or so, we started discussing the possibility of home schooling. After moving 2 times in 2 years and placing Zach in a different school each time, and getting ready to do it again, we decided that we could not continue doing this and made the vote to home-school. There are other reasons as well. We want him to be taught our values, not evolution and other things that we don’t agree with. I am thankful to friends who have home-schooled who showed me that it’s not what I thought it was. It can be a beautiful experience for a family. It can be challenging, but worth it.

And so we begin our home-school journey. We are one week in. I may post something later retracting my newfound love of home-school. Time will tell. Wish us luck!