Why is blogging so hard for me?


Does anyone else have this problem? You start a blog with intentions of writing weekly, or at the very least monthly. Then, before you know it, 5 months have passed and nothing. And this is not the first blog I have done this with! So I need to find a solution to my blogging problem. (The problem is basically procrastination and laziness if I’m honest).

So I started researching how to stay on track with a blog. How to write consistently in a blog. How to not give up on your blog. I find that I start really excited and make plans to write often, however, that enthusiasm lasts about 2 days.

So I thought maybe I am not the only one? I thought that maybe there are others like me that do this same thing??? Truthfully, my pride needed to know that others have this same problem! 🙂

OK, so here is what I found. There are others like me! Yay. There are others who have had a problem with procrastination with blogging and here are the top 5 ways I have found to solve this issue. Maybe some of these will help some of you other procrastinators out there too.

  1. Read every day. If we read new material everyday, our mind will have new thoughts and ideas for blog posts and we will be more likely to want to write it down. What kind of books interest you? For me it is personal development books for the most part, but I do love some adventure books such as Jules Verne.
  2. If you get an idea or inspiration, write it down immediately along with as many thoughts as you can think of at the time. You could also use a voice recorder. That way as soon as you are at a place in the day where you can sit and type you will have your subject and content. (I get thoughts all the time and think “Hey that’s a good idea for a blog post or a Facebook comment” but then it’s gone in a moment never to return.)
  3. Here’s something I had never thought of before. A blog post doesn’t have to be written. It can be a video post. Maybe you don’t feel like writing one day, but you could shoot a short video on whatever subject is on your mind instead.
  4. Set goals for your blog. We all know that setting goals are important right? We set goals for our fitness, our businesses, our health….So why not set some short term and long term goals for our blogs. It could be as simple as 3 blog posts a month and 5 new people subscribing to blog per month.What would your goals be?
  5. Make yourself an editorial calendar. Then list the goals on the calendar along with a timeline for posting. Maybe you will make a blog post every Wednesday night. Put it on your calendar and maybe even set a text alert to remind you to do it.

OK, so I am going to try these ideas. The way you will know if they worked is if I actually have a blog post next week, and the next week, and the next week, etc…..LOL.. Maybe you needed a couple ways to get yourself on track with your own blog. I suggest trying at least one of these ideas if you are a procrastinating blogger like myself and just see how it goes.

Good luck! See you soon! (Hopefully..LOL)